Running Into Yoga: Benefits of Yoga for Runners by Katherine Moore

Running Into Yoga: Benefits of Yoga for Runners by Katherine Moore

Sep 17, 2018Glory Community

Calmness comes with Quiet~ B.K.S Iyengar

This is one of my favourite quotes. I find calmness and quiet in both Running and Yoga. They require you to drop into your body, breath, and connect to the present moment.

This creates incredible inner discipline, strength and ease.

Running and Yoga are like a healthy relationship. Glory Juice Co. also offers a healthy relationship with a delicious Creamy Nutty Açai Bowl after a run and a refreshing juice after yoga. They compliment each other beautifully.

Running, as freeing as it can feel it can be demanding on the body, nervous system and joints from repetitive action. After my first Yoga class I knew I had found something that was very special.

Running and in Life we make goals and projects to constantly improve on. This is where Yoga can bring in some balance.

Yoga helps you become aware of your body, mind, and breath, which can awaken you to the possibility of change.

In yoga, you are practicing taking a step back, slowing the pace, breathing into the whole body and practicing being in the moment you are in. These teachings can bring great balance to training and everyday life.

I love that I have been practicing yoga for 18 years and I am still learning. It is a lifelong journey. You practice the physical practice for a certain time but the yoga practice is 24 hours. The teachings are everywhere. You can weave the teachings into your run training.

Being present in your training is a great technique. This can help to avoid injury so you accept where you are in your training and practice being patient to achieve your goals. Being present and patient also means listening to your body. You will learn that if you are feeling tired or something is sore to adjust your schedule and rest. That is probably the hardest one for runners and being goal orientated.

In Yoga, Running and Life you are always refining, learning, and changing, it is a continuous practice. I designed Running into Yoga workshops and Retreats to share my passion and Love of both practices. I am also passionate about nutrition and healthy eating so was grateful to collaborate with Glory Juice Co. at my Running Into Yoga Workshop. I am in their stores almost every day, somedays twice. I love all their juices and healthy bowls. They are very nourishing after a hard training session.

I believe with patience, presence, healthy eating, yoga, running, you will achieve your goals and more.

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Katherine has been teaching yoga for 18 years and competing in distance running for 13 years. Her love for health, movement, peace, stillness, breath, and alignment shines through when she is teaching. Katherine is passionate about the benefits of yoga for runners. She has organized many retreats and workshops, both locally and internationally. She is inspired to share her passions with everyone and see how they can be a positive change to everyone’s life, and always with the brightest smile on her face!

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