Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]


What is cold-pressed juice?
Cold-pressed juice is method of extracting liquid from fruits and vegetables without denaturing enzymes or breaking down nutrients with high levels of heat or oxygen. Our hydraulic press extracts every ounce of liquid from organic fruit and vegetables while keeping its health-giving properties intact, producing raw & unpasteurized juice that stays great for 4 days. Cold-pressed juice allows for the easy assimilation of the essential vitamins and nutrients. In contrast, centrifugal juicers crush fruit and vegetables at a high speed, usually through a mesh screen. This type of juicing is faster than cold-pressing but the process requires higher temperatures and more damage to the produce causing oxidation and a loss in the health properties of the juice. Centrifugal juice made this way should also be consumed immediately.

Are your juices and nut beverages organic?
Yes. All of our cold-pressed juice and nut beverages are only made with organic produce and ingredients. We believe this offers our customers the healthiest and best tasting product possible. We also think it’s important to be completely transparent about what goes into our products. When you buy a juice or nut beverage that’s “organic when possible” you generally don’t know what’s going into that product. Personally we don’t enjoy drinking pesticides!

Are your juices and nut beverages vegan?
Almost all of our bottled products are vegan. We do, however, use honey from time to time [currently: Golden Turmeric]. Please be sure to double check with our staff if you are not wanting to consume honey.

Do you add anything to your juices and nut beverages?
In a few recipes we add some delicious spices [such as cinnamon and vanilla] to our juices and nut beverages. We also use some awesome ingredients like organic dates and organic maple syrup to add a slight sweetness to our beverages. We NEVER add refined sugar or preservatives to our juices and beverages. We NEVER add water to our juices.

Why are your juices and nut beverages so expensive?
Everything we create is organic, sourced from the best suppliers we can find. We also spend a lot of time preparing this produce, ensuring it’s ready to be juiced and consumed by you. There is approximately 2 pounds of organic produce in every juice bottle, which when you think about it is quite a lot!

Why are your bottled products only good for 4 days?
Our bottled products are raw and unpasteurized. This means all the vital nutrients and enzymes are available to you rather than having been killed by the heat of pasteurization. Pasteurization kills both the healthy life forms along with the harmful ones, which means the juice you see sitting on the shelf at the grocery store is pretty much a shell of what it should be - we don’t want to say it’s sugar water but pasteurized juices are devoid of pretty much all the great health properties found in raw fruits and vegetables. We also do not artificially extend shelf life with high pressure processing (HPP). Instead of using heat, HPP relies on pressure to eliminate the growth of pathogens. There is a big debate in the scientific community about the impacts of HPP on the cell structure of produce after being subject to this form of preservation. We believe in fresh, raw, and organic juice. Right now, HPP is still too unproven and messes with the the natural beauty of juice.

Do your juices and nut beverages need to be refrigerated?
Our bottled products should be refrigerated to ensure optimal freshness. We offer cooler bags and ice packs in our stores in order to accommodate your travel schedule. Every bottle has a best before date sticker and your product is good until the end of that day.

Once I open a bottle, how long do I have to drink it?
We recommend that you consume a bottle within 24 hours of opening it.

Isn’t juice just full of sugar? Wouldn’t that be bad for you to drink?
Pasteurized juice is full of sugar and contains none of the natural goodness found in the raw fruit and vegetables that go into making those products. Our juice is not like that. The sugars present in our juice are naturally occurring and are accompanied by the vital enzymes and minerals which means our juice offers a nutrient-dense and satisfying drinking experience. We offer one green juice [#1] that is extremely low in sugar [it contains a small amount of lemon], if you want to limit naturally occurring sugar in your diet.

Are your juices and nut beverages meant to be meal replacements?
Although our bottled products are incredibly nutrient dense, we don’t necessarily think of them as a meal replacements. In the end, it really depends on what you need or how you feel after consuming our bottled products. For some people, they may work really well as an alternative to a meal while others are more of a fan as using them as the best snack in the world. If you are interested in giving your digestive system a break or detoxifying, you may want to try a cleanse program.

Are your products gluten free?
Yes. We work very hard to find suppliers that align with our core value to be gluten free. This is not based on a “fad” but rather that our partners have a number of people in their lives with celiac disease and we are committed to offering all celiacs a safe place to eat and drink.

What is alkaline water? Why do you use it?
Many things we eat and drink introduce high levels of acidity into our systems which can decrease the body’s ability to absorb minerals and other nutrients and makes it more susceptible to fatigue and illness. Drinking alkaline water and consuming more alkalizing foods like vegetables and fruit, both whole and in cold-pressed juice form, help to neutralize this acid and keep your fluids within their optimal pH range. The water we use to make our nut beverages and water-based products goes through a filtration system that ionizes it, raising the pH level to an alkaline level.


Why do you use plastic bottles?
We thought long and hard about all of our packaging needs, both from the perspective of our customers and our staff. We decided to use PET plastic bottles for the following reasons:
1. PET #1 does not leach and is generally considered the safest single-use plastic-bottle choice
2. It’s the most desired plastic for recycling
3. We sourced a thin plastic bottle which means it’s dramatically lighter than other bottle options, meaning less fuel is used to create and deliver our bottles
4. A plastic bottle requires fewer resources to create, fill, ship, and distribute than a single glass bottle. This is because glass bottles weigh up to nine times more than plastic bottles
5. PET #1 is recyclable in any blue bin in Canada
6. We looked into other plastic-like options, but there are no feasible options yet available in the “bio plastic” world

What about compostable packaging options?
Unfortunately compostable bottles are not yet up to snuff for our packaging needs. That said, for all non-bottled packaging we strive to use compostable options. This applies to our smoothie cups, bowls, cutlery, napkins, bags, straws etc…If we can’t find something that’s compostable, it will definitely be recyclable [either plastic or paper based].


Do you deliver?
Yes. We offer delivery to the Westside, Downtown, and West Vancouver with a minimum order of $50. Please check out our delivery information page for all the details.

I just ordered a cleanse, how does delivery work?
We deliver a maximum of 4 days of a cleanse at one time. This means that a 3-day cleanse will all be delivered at the same time, a 5-day cleanse will have two delivery dates [normally 3 days then 2 days] and a 7-day cleanse will have two or three delivery dates [either 4-3 or 3-2-2]. If you ordered your cleanse online, a Glory team member will phone to confirm delivery date(s) for your cleanse.


Why cleanse?

Cleansing is a great way to flush your body of unwanted toxins. Every Glory Juice Co. cleanse is designed to give your body a break from the stress and work of digestion while keeping you nutritionally satiated and energized. The benefits of cleansing are also long-term in that you come out of your cleanse with a clean slate upon which to build a great day-to-day habit of healthier living and eating.

Can anyone cleanse?
This is a great question and one that allows us to remind you we are not medical professionals nor do we offer medical advice or supervision. If you have any existing medical conditions, we strongly advise you to consult with your doctor before considering a cleanse. We do not recommend cleansing for pregnant and breastfeeding women or those under the age of 18. In the end you know your body best, so listen to it and do what’s right for you.

How often can I cleanse?
Again the answer to this question is entirely up to you. After cleansing, you’ll learn what you love about it and when it works best for you. Listen to your body & mind and make the right choice for your health. There is no additional benefit to excessive cleansing.

What types of cleanses do you offer?
Our standard cleanses are 3, 5, or 7 days. We offer an introductory Glory cleanse and a more advanced Green cleanse on our website [cleanse details]. That said, we are happy to customize your cleanse to align with your health goals and personal taste. If you ordered your cleanse online, just call [] or email [orders@gloryjuiceco.com] us to follow up with any changes you’d like to make. You can also visit, email, or call us in order to setup your cleanse and can pay over the phone or in store.

Can I customize a cleanse?
Yes. We can help you setup the ideal cleanse for your health goals and personal taste. You can visit, email, or call us in order to setup your customized cleanse and can pay over the phone or in store. 

How much do your cleanses costs?
Our 3-day cleanses are $180, 5-day are $290, and 7-day are $405. These are some of the best prices for organic cleanses in Vancouver.

Do I need to drink the juices and nut beverages in a certain order?
We spend a lot of time thinking about how to setup your cleanse, so when possible we recommend that you do follow the order as specified in your cleanse. That said, this order is just our suggestion and it’s not a rigid regime. Listen to your body and make adjustments as necessary. One adjustment is to open your nut beverage earlier in the day and drink it as needed throughout the day. Drinking plenty of water and herbal tea can also help keep you on track with your suggested cleanse order.

Can I drink water while cleansing?
Absolutely! Drinking water while cleansing is an absolute must. This is non-negotiable. We do recommend that you spread out your consumption of water and juice, leaving at least 30 minutes between when you finish a juice and drinking more water.

Can I drink herbal tea while cleansing?
Yes, caffeine-free herbal tea is a great addition to your cleanse program. This makes a lot of sense during the chillier months but some people may also find cleansing causes them to cool down internally. If that’s the case, put on some layers and drink tea to help keep yourself warm.

Can I drink alcohol, coffee, or caffeinated tea while cleansing?
Nope! You should also consider cutting these out of your diet a few days before your cleanse and for a few days after.

Does cleansing help me lose weight?
It’s possible you may lose some weight while cleansing but short-term weight loss should not be the goal of your cleanse. Cleansing is more about detoxification and refreshing your body. This is about the long game.

How should I prepare for my cleanse?
We recommend that you eliminate [or at least limit] processed food and drink in the days leading up to your cleanses. The key things to target would be refined sugar and flour, alcohol, caffeine, meat, and dairy. Although this may seem like a cleanse in of itself, by phasing out these items your actual cleanse will be even more transformative for both your body and mind. Stay hydrated and try incorporating a few cold-pressed juices or nut beverages into your diet prior to the cleanse. Feel free to ask our staff for any snack or meal suggestions in the lead up to your cleanse.

What should I expect while cleansing?
It may seem like going days without food will be an insurmountable task but honestly this struggle is often more mental than physical. The beauty of a juice cleanse is that you’re able to maintain high levels of energy and satiation because our products are so nutrient-dense. Of course there will be an adjustment period, usually the first 24-36 hours, where you may feel like your energy levels have dipped or you experience nausea, muscle aches or headaches. These are signs that your body is flushing out toxins and is a necessary phase of your cleanse. The goal of a cleanse is to break through this initial phase and reach a pretty fantastic place of increased energy, mental capacity, and general happiness.

How should I transition out of my cleanse?
You should transition out of your cleanse by mimicking what you did to prepare yourself for it. This means do your best to keep processed food and drink to a minimum, including caffeinated beverages and alcohol. Maintaining a few juices and nut beverages as part of your daily diet is a great way to ease out of a cleanse, as is incorporating as many fruits, veggies, and nuts as you feel like into your diet. Smoothies, bowls, or rice bowls are just some examples are great ways to ease your way back into a solid food based diet. After a cleanse is a great time to make any desired changes to your old eating habits, so take this chance to evaluate how you want to fuel yourself going forward.

Can I work while cleansing?
Yes. Be smart about when you choose to cleanse but if you prepare yourself properly for your cleanse, then you shouldn’t have to make any major adjustments to your work or personal schedule. Having space to relax while cleansing is ideal but it’s not necessary to take a vacation while you cleanse!  

Can I workout while cleansing?
Sure. It’s important to stay active while cleansing but be smart. Although it’s likely you’ll feel as if you have a lot of energy, be mindful that your body is in a different place while cleansing - don’t overdo it. Yoga is a fantastic, low-impact activity that can aid in the detoxifying nature of a cleanse.

NOTICE: Glory Juice Co. is NOT licensed to practice medicine; we are NOT a medical doctor; we do NOT give medical advice; this is NOT medical advice. If you need medical advice please seek out a professional medical doctor; nothing on this website shall be construed as medical advice. DISCLAIMER: It is advisable to seek professional [medical] advice prior to initiating any new regimen. Glory Juice Co. is NOT a medical organization and neither Glory Juice Co. nor its employees and/or staff can give any medical advice or diagnosis. Any/All information garnered from Glory Juice Co. shall NOT be interpreted as a substitute for medical advice or a doctor’s consultation, evaluation or treatment.