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What is cold-pressed juicing?

Cold-pressed juicing is a method of extracting liquid from fruits and vegetables that doesn't denature enzymes or break down nutrients, keeping the beneficial properties of every ounce of juice intact.

Cold-pressed juicers allow for the easy assimilation of essential vitamins and nutrients, unlike centrifugal juicers, which result in oxidation and a loss of health properties of the produce thanks to the higher temperatures the process requires.

Are your juices and nut beverages organic?

Yes. All of our cold-pressed juices and nut beverages are made entirely from organic ingredients. When you buy a juice or nut beverage that's "organic when possible," you generally don't know what's going into that product. This is why we disclose every ingredient that goes into our products. 

Are your juices and nut beverages vegan?

Not all of our products, but most of them are! We use honey from time to time. Please be sure to double-check with our staff if you are avoiding honey.

Are your juices and nut beverages gluten-free?

Yes. We work very hard to find suppliers that align with our core value to be gluten-free. Many people live with celiac disease, and we are committed to offering all celiacs a safe place to eat and drink. 

Are your juices and nut beverages meant to replace meals?

Not necessarily, despite how nutrient-dense they are. The answer to this question depends on your needs, goals, and how you feel after consuming our products. For some, our juices and nut beverages could serve as meal replacements. For others, it may be better to treat them as a healthy snack! If you are interested in giving your digestive system a break or detoxifying, you may want to try our cleanses.

Do you add anything to your juices and nut beverages?

We NEVER add refined sugar, preservatives, or water to our juices. However, we may add delicious spices, such as cinnamon and vanilla, and other wholesome ingredients, such as organic dates and organic maple syrup, to add sweetness to our drinks.

Our nut and seed mylks and refreshers are made with alkaline water. The water used in our drinks goes through a filtration system that ionizes it, raising the pH level to an alkaline level.

Why do you use alkaline water?

Drinking alkaline water or consuming more whole, alkalizing foods, like vegetables and fruits, helps neutralize acid and keep fluids within the optimal pH range in our system.

Many things we eat and drink regularly introduce high levels of acidity into our bodies, which can decrease our ability to absorb minerals and other nutrients. This makes us more susceptible to fatigue and illness.

Isn't juice just full of sugar? 

Pasteurized juice is full of sugar and contains none of the natural goodness found in the raw fruits and vegetables that go into making them.

Our juice is different. The sugars in our juice are naturally occurring and are accompanied by vital enzymes and nutrients.

With every bottle, you will enjoy a nutrient-dense, satisfying drinking experience. If you want to limit naturally occurring sugar in your diet, we offer juices extremely low in sugar, such as #1.

What is High-Pressure Processing (HPP)?

High-Pressure Processing (HPP) is a food and beverage preservation method that guarantees food safety and achieves an increased shelf life, while maintaining the optimum attributes of our, fresh, organic products.

After extensive lab-testing, we found that this process extends the shelf life of our juices, refreshers, shots, and soups to 4 weeks. While there may be possible changes in colour, HPP does not degrade the nutrition or flavour profiles of our products. HPP makes it easier than ever to live gloriously!

For more information on HPP, we suggest reading this article by Hiperbatic, the global leader of HPP equipment. 

Note that our nut and seed mylks are not preserved via HPP and therefore have a 4 day shelf life.

Do your juices and nut beverages need to be refrigerated?

Absolutely. Our bottled products should be refrigerated to ensure optimal freshness. Every bottle has a 'best before' date sticker on the lid. Your product is good until the end of the day marked on the sticker. 

Once I open a bottle, how long do I have to drink it?

We recommend that you consume a bottle within three days of opening it.

Why are Glory's juices and mylks more expensive than others?

Glory juices and mylks are more expensive than others because:

  1. There are approximately 3 pounds of organic produce in every juice bottle.
  2. We don't skimp on quality — everything we create is 100% organic and sourced from the best suppliers we can find.
  3. We don't cut corners; we spend a lot of time preparing produce by hand to be juiced and consumed. 


Want the full scoop? Check out our free Ultimate Cleanse Guide.

Can anyone cleanse?

This is a great question — and one that allows us to remind you we are not medical professionals. You know your body best, so listen to it and do what's right for you. If you have any existing medical conditions, we strongly advise you to consult with your doctor before considering a cleanse.

Why cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a great way to alkalize, restore, and reset your system. Cleansing juices can aid the body’s natural detox process, flushing your body with micronutrients and live enzymes, which help eliminate toxins. This leaves your body looking good and feeling great. Common reasons that people choose to perform a juice cleanse include:

What types of cleanses do you offer?

Here at Glory Juice Co., our juice cleanses are simple, easy to follow, and won’t disrupt your life; they generally last 3, 5, or 7 days, depending on your goals. Consisting six 473mL (16 oz) servings of juice and refreshers, each day of a cleanse amounts to over a 18 pounds of 100% certified organic raw produce!

We offer three types:

Can I customize a cleanse?

You can customize a cleanse by adding shots, refreshers, and different mylks to your online cart and make a cleanse uniquely yours. Unfortunately we can't substitute mylks for juices within the cleanse pack itself. 

Do I need to drink cleanse in a certain order?

We recommended following the order set out for each cleanse:

What else can I drink during a cleanse?

In addition to juice, consuming clear liquids will help keep you full, hydrated, and will help ward off discomfort. We recommend drinking pure filtered water, non-caffeinated herbal tea, and hot lemon water liberally.

Can I drink alcohol, coffee, or caffeinated tea while cleansing?

For optimal results, we recommend avoiding the following items while cleansing: 

Try abstaining from these items before starting a cleanse too. This will help ease any burden on your digestive system and prepare it to eliminate toxins during your juice-only reset.

What foods can I consume during my cleanse?

During a cleanse, the intent is to consume strictly 100% juice (in addition to other clear liquids like water, herbal tea, and hot lemon water). However, every body is different, and it’s more important to pay attention to your unique needs than to adhere to this guideline. If you need to eat food during your cleanse, that is 100% okay. We suggest unprocessed, organic whole foods, like the following:

How should I prepare for my cleanse?

Before beginning your cleanse, it is ideal to take 3-5 days to prepare your body and mind. During this time, you will remove certain foods from your diet, which are common offenders for causing digestive troubles, headaches, cravings, and other withdrawal symptoms. Prior to starting a juice cleanse, your diet should consist primarily of unprocessed, natural — ideally organic — whole foods.

Treat yourself with items from our delicious menu

After checking in with yourself to confirm the timing of your plan, take a few steps to set yourself up for success. First, work to create some space in your schedule during the cleanse, when you can reflect and rest. Next, find someone to support you in committing to your cleanse — call up that friend who has been saying they want to try one too and you’ve got yourself an accountability partner!

What should I expect while cleansing?

Each of our bodies are beautifully unique. That means that no two people will experience a juice cleanse in exactly the same way. Some people may feel mental clarity and be full of vibrant energy, while others may feel more lethargic with the same regimen.

When cleansing or detoxing, some people may experience symptoms of discomfort such as headaches, fatigue, or low energy. It’s important that you listen to your body and pursue the cleanse at a pace that best suits you at the given time. Always feel empowered to modify your well-laid plan as necessary, prioritizing your mental and physical wellbeing. Incorporating juice cleanses as a healthy part of your life requires mindfulness of your own variable needs and a commitment to honouring them.

Can I work out while cleansing?

During your cleanse, you can maintain regular exercise. Be conscious that you may feel the need to reduce the intensity or frequency. Listen to your body and respond to its needs.

How should I transition out of my cleanse?

Your mind and body have experienced lots of change, so it’s important to ease them into the final transition. Reintroduce food into your diet gradually. We recommend first returning to the diet of organic whole foods you enjoyed in the pre-cleanse phase, incorporating soups and smoothies where possible.

As you reintroduce foods, consider keeping a journal of how you react to each. This practice will give you a better understanding of how certain foods impact your mood, energy level, and digestion. With this information, you can identify problem foods, which you may want to remove from your regular diet long term

NOTICE: It is advisable to seek professional [medical] advice prior to initiating any new regimen. Glory Juice Co. is not a medical organization and neither Glory Juice Co. nor its employees or staff can give any medical advice. Glory Juice Co. is not licensed to practice medicine; we are not a medical doctor and do not give medical advice. Nothing on this website shall be construed as medical advice.


How do I subscribe?

With a subscription, you don't have to think about when your favourite products are coming  you'll always receive them on the day that works best for you. Subscriptions can be as frequent (or infrequent) as you like. Visit our Subscriptions Page to see how easy it is to subscribe to your favourite items!

Can I change my subscription?

Of course! You can change the delivery frequency of your subscription, the items you have subscribed to, your address, and more in your account dashboard. Note that cancellation is free only after two orders. Cancelling after the first order incurs a $10 charge.

How do recurring charges work?

Every subscription order will process on Thursdays — this is when you will see your account be charged — and be delivered the following week. If you need to adjust this, email us, and we'll help you out!


Why do you use plastic bottles?

We thought long and hard about all of our packaging needs. We decided to use PET plastic bottles for the following reasons:

  1. It is generally considered the safest single-use plastic.
  2. It is recyclable in any blue bin in Canada.
  3. Plastic bottles require fewer resources to create, fill, ship and distribute than glass bottles. This is because glass bottles weigh up to nine times more than plastic bottles.
  4. Moreover, we source thin plastic bottles, dramatically lighter than other bottle options. Less fuel is used to create and deliver Glory Juice bottles.
  5. We explored other plastic-like options, but there are no feasible options available in the "bioplastic" world (yet). 

Have you considered compostable packaging options?

Yes. We strive to use compostable packaging whenever possible. Our smoothie cups, bowls, cutlery, napkins, bags, straws, and coffee cups are just a few examples. Unfortunately, compostable bottles are not yet up to snuff for our packaging needs. That said, when we can't find a compostable alternative, we turn to recyclable options. 


Do you deliver?

Yes! We deliver to Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Sunshine Coast, and Sea to Sky corridor with a minimum order of $60. Please check out our Delivery Information page for all the details!

I just ordered a cleanse; will I receive it all at once?

Yes, we deliver every day of your cleanse at once, as their average shelf life is a minimum of two weeks. If you'd like to receive your order in two deliveries to conserve storage space, please email our Orders team at after placing your order.


While we can't offer refunds or returns on food or drink items, if there was a problem with your recent order please reach out to our team at or (778) 666-3236 within 5 days of your delivery date so we can look into the issue and make it right.