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What Whole-Body Wellness Means (and Why It Matters)
Dec 16, 2022
What Whole-Body Wellness MeansWhole-body wellness is getting more attention as of late. But what does...
Benefits of Hot Yoga
Aug 08, 2022
Looking for something new to change up your fitness routine? The Yoga Bar shared with us the many benefits of a hot yoga practice.
The Power of Accountability: Why Personal Training Matters
Jun 06, 2022
Need some help staying accountable to a fitness program? Our friends at VIP Fitness are sharing how a personal training relationship can help you reach your goals!
Top Tips to Maintain Motivation and Achieve Goals
Apr 29, 2022
We’ve sourced some top tips to help you maintain motivation so you can achieve your goals.  
Wintery Workouts - Time to Embrace the Cold!
Dec 10, 2018
The Holiday season, without a doubt, is everyone’s favourite time to indulge - and for...
Combat Brittle Bones With Exercise
Oct 29, 2018
What better time than Halloween to give our skeletons some much needed attention? Though working out is...