Recipe / 3 Juice Mocktails For Your Canada Day Long Weekend

Try these mocktail (or cocktail!) recipes using our organic cold pressed juices to liven up any Canada Day Party!


1. Watermelon, Lime, Mint.


1 large watermelon

2 x 16oz #19 Glory Juice (watermelon, pineapple, raspberry, lime, ginger, mint)

1/4 cup fresh squeezed lime juice 

1/4 cup crushed mint leaves 


1. Chop up watermelon into chunks.

2. Add chopped watermelon, #19 juice and fresh lime juice into a blender (in portions) and blend until liquid.

3. Fill a glass with ice and add watermelon blend.

4. Garnish with fresh mint leaves. Serve.

Make me a cocktail: add 2oz of Gin per serving!


2. The Magic Switchel:


Equal parts soda water and Glory’s Magic Switchel (lemon juice, ginger juice, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, blue majik.)

1 lemon, cut into slices.


1. Add equal parts of soda water and Magic Switchel into a large pitcher and mix well.

2. Add in slices of fresh lemon and serve over ice.

Make me a cocktail: add 2oz of Vodka per serving!


3. Orange Turmeric Punch:


4 x #8 Glory Juice (orange, grapefruit, lime)

2 x small Glory Turmeric Ginger Shots

1 pint of strawberries, stemmed & sliced

2 fresh limes, sliced

1 tsp of salt


1. Add the #8 juice and the turmeric ginger shots into a large bowl and mix until combined.

2. Add in the fresh strawberry slices, lime slices and salt.

3. Mix until well combined. Serve.

Make me a cocktail: add 2oz of Tequila per serving.  

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Canada Day Healthier

This year marks Canada's 150th birthday. Canada Day is a day to celebrate with family, friends and fellow Canadians. There’s often a lot of food (and booze!) involved, but no-one wants to wake up feeling crappy and bloated the next day. With that, here are our top 5 ways to keep you healthy during this years celebrations.

1. Eat a nutritious breakfast with protein and healthy fats.

Eating a substantial breakfast full of protein and healthy fats will keep you satiated and energised throughout the day, meaning less cravings for crappy foods. Try a big salad with organic greens, roasted veggies, avocado, olive oil, some protein (tempeh, tofu, lentils, chickpeas, hard-boiled eggs, organic chicken) and a handful of nuts or seeds.

3. Stay active.

Get up early and head to a yoga class, or go for a run to start your day off. If you’re heading down to the beach, start a game of beach volleyball or bocce. Walking or riding to a friend's party instead of driving will also help keep you active during the day.

3. Stay hydrated in between meals.

Fill up a large water bottle at the start of the day and add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to it. Drink this throughout the day in between meals, refilling when needed (try to refill it 4-5 times). Not only will staying hydrated keep you feeling energised, the apple cider vinegar will help you to better digest your food when you do eat. 

4. Healthify your drink of choice.

Lighten up you beverages by mixing your liquor with cold pressed juice, fresh citrus such as lemon or lime, soda water and summer herbs such as mint or basil. See our recipes for combos we love! 

5. Get a good nights sleep.

After all the food, socialising and sunshine, it will be important to get a good nights sleep to help your body rest and repair. Not only will a good sleep help you to feel human the next day, but sleep is also important to help you manage your hunger levels and maintain your immune system. Avoid stimulants such as caffeine and chocolate after 6pm and make sure you get 7-8 hours of quality rest.

Summer Juice Cleanse Workshops With Glory Juice Co!

Bring on the warmer weather and the beginnings of summer bodies!

To celebrate, we're running 2 more juice cleanse workshops to educate you on why juice cleansing might just be the thing your body needs to reset.

In each workshop we'll cover:

-The benefits of juice cleansing and why cleansing with organic juice is vital.

-How to incorporate fibre and whole foods into your juice cleanse, when and why you might want to.

-How to get the best out of your juice cleanse (best practices for pre and post cleanse).

-Supplements to help support you during your cleanse.

Plus you’ll receive a complimentary refresher, and get to taste our entire juice and mylk range as our nutrition experts talk about the benefits of each.

All attendees will have the chance to customise a cleanse suited to their goals and lifestyle, plus will be eligible to receive our special summer cleanse offer!

Ticket price is also redeemable on any cleanse ordered on the night.

Limited spots available. Secure your spot by grabbing your ticket via the links below.



Olympic Village - June 13th, 7-8pm. Register by clicking  HERE 

North Van - June 20th, 7-8pm. Register by clicking  HERE 

How to Customize Your Juice Cleanse

After a long and cold winter, I was ready for a total body reset! I decided it was the perfect time to give my body a break and try Glory’s 3-day juice cleanse. I believe that the key to my success was the flexibility I allowed myself in customizing the juices and rituals for my specific health needs.

How I customized my cleanse:

1. Added turmeric shots to my morning.

Turmeric ginger shots jumpstart the metabolism for the day, boost immune system function, are high in vitamin C and possess anti-inflammatory properties. This made me feel refreshed, energized, and ready for my day.

2. Incorporated E3 live shots when I was feeling fatigued and missing my matcha boost:

As part of my challenge this time around, I decided to eliminate all forms of caffeine – even my precious matcha! Matcha is very rich in antioxidants and has many beneficial properties but I wanted to take a total break from caffeine to assess my natural energy-levels, observe how my sleeping is impacted, and improve my hydration as caffeine acts as a diuretic. Instead of whisking up a matcha I would instead grab an E3 live shot to give me a boost. E3 live is blue-green algae rich in omega 3 fatty-acids and chlorophyll so it provides mental clarity, aids detoxification, and helps balance hormones

3. Refresher addition [Mint Chlorophyll and Switchel].

Added a refresher when I was feeling dehydrated and depleted, usually after a workout. I reached for one of our refreshers to aid in hydration and detoxification. My favourites are the switchel and mint chlorophyll!

4. Herbal tea in the evening.

In the evening, I would be craving something warming and soothing to help me settle down for the night. I found a nice cup of chamomile tea to do the trick! It was the perfect way to end a busy day.

5. Pumpkin seed mylk over nut mylk.

My favourite mylk to have in the evening was pumpkin seed mylk. Not only is it delicious but there are so many health benefits! Pumpkin seeds have high levels of manganese, magnesium, zinc, omega 3 fatty acids, and tryptophan. Magnesium can calm the nervous system, zinc boosts the immune system, and tryptophan can help with sleep.

We get a lot of customers coming in who want to try a juice cleanse but are often intimidated by the task of not eating solid foods for several days. While it seems daunting at first, once people learn that there are many ways to adapt a cleanse to suit their needs, they have a greater chance of feeling great while cleansing. Considerations like your specific health goals, preparation for summer, transition to warmer temperatures, individual taste preferences, and activity levels all warrant different variations. If you need help customising cleanse suited to your specific needs, you can always contact me with any questions at cleanse@gloryjuiceco.com


Natalia is our resident juice cleanse expert and studied Nutritional Sciences and Food at the University of British Columbia.

Recipe / Ultimate Detox Green Smoothie

Ultimate Detox Green Smoothie

This low-sugar green smoothie is a gentle, more natural detox alternative. Parsley is a powerful detoxifying herb that is rich in vitamins and minerals, and helps to rid the body of heavy metals (such as mercury and lead) that have accumulated in the bloodstream and organs.

Serves 1


1 cup Glory almond mylk

Handful of spinach

½ cucumber (chopped)

1/2 red apple (chopped)

½ banana

Handful of parsley 

1 teaspoon chia seeds

1 teaspoon cinnamon

4-5 ice cubes


1. Add all ingredients into a high speed blender and blend until smooth.

2. Pour into a glass and drink immediately.

5 Must-Know Tips For Surviving A Juice Cleanse

Going on a juice cleanse should be an act of self-love not torture. In order to set yourself up to have the best experience and positive health effects during and post cleanse, there are a few things you need to know. Today we share 5 tips to ensure you have a great cleanse experience that your body will thank you for.

1. Ease in and out. 

Many people want to “hit the reset button” right after over-indulging in perhaps all or a combination of processed foods, gluten, dairy, coffee, or maybe one too many cocktails BUT please - pause. Yes, a cleanse is a great way to get back on track with your wellness goals however, proper preparation is key! Start by eliminating inflammatory foods i.e. cut out the dairy, gluten, alcohol, coffee, processed foods and fill your body with foods from the earth such as fruits, vegetables, organic sources of protein and of course lots of water. After you’ve had a few days of easing in, your body will now be more set up to do a cleanse and receive beneficial wellness results. After your cleanse, ease back out the same way you entered your cleanse- with fresh fruit, salads, smoothies, soups and healthy grains.

2. Add fibre when needed.

If you are feeling like your body needs additional fibre to keep things moving during your cleanse, reach for nutrient rich green leafy vegetables such as kale or spinach. Steaming your vegetables is a good idea as steamed veg are easier on the digestive system. Other options include adding chia seeds or flax seeds into your juice.

3. Stay hydrated- drink lots of water and herbal tea.

Many of us are dehydrated, as we simply do not consume enough water daily. As each individual’s water consumption needs differ based on physical activity, body weight and living environment, there is no magical number that fits all. A good measure of your hydration is your urine color. If it is clear or slightly yellow, it's a good indication that you are hydrated. As you might feel colder while on a juice cleanse due to a drop in body temperature, drinking warm herbal teas are also a good way to keep your water intake up. 

4. Get enough sleep.

Getting 8-10 hours of shut eye every night, especially during your cleanse, helps amp up your body’s ability to release human growth hormone. This “fitness hormone” benefits you by providing anti- ageing properties, boosts your immune system and so much more! Getting a good quality nights sleep also helps your body enter a reparative cycle.  

5. Don't push yourself with strenuous exercise.

Give the body time to rest and reset. Forgoing strenuous exercise gives your body more energy to support the detoxification process. Choose to go for a walk or take a gentle yoga practice. Take this time to allow your body to rebalance towards optimal health and wellness.

Article by Chelsea. Chelsea is a Registered Nurse, Certified Nutritional Practitioner and is a nutrition expert at our Olympic Village store.

Recipe / Spirulina Hemp Chia Pudding

Spirulina is an organism that grows in both fresh and salt water and is often referred to as blue-green algae. The quality of the protein in Spirulina is considered excellent, comparable to eggs, as it contains all the essential amino acids that we need. This blue-green powder not only contains complete protein but also healthy fat, vitamins A, K, and E, most B vitamins, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. 

Spirulina Hemp Chia Pudding

Serves 2


8oz Glory almond milk 

1 banana

1/2 tsp spirulina 

1 tablespoon hemp seeds

1 tablespoon maple syrup

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

3 tablespoons chia seeds


1. Add almond mylk, banana, spirulina, hemp seeds, maple syrup and vanilla into a blender and blend well.

2. Add chia seeds and blend for 1-2 seconds.

3. Pour into 2 jars/bowls and leave to set for 15-20 minutes in the fridge or overnight. (the chia seeds will absorb the liquid and become pudding like).

5. Top with Glory granola or superfoods of choice. Eat!

Product Spotlight / Wild Nettle Shot

Last week we launched our brand new seasonal shot, the Wild Nettle Shot! This shot contains pineapple, ruby grapefruit, ginger, lime and wild crafted Nettles from Powell River. Nettles have restorative and healing qualities that benefit many including: remedy for bladder infections, osteoarthritis and joint pain and it's an anti-histamine (perfect for this allergy season). It is also a natural treatment for eczema because if it's anti-inflammatory properties. 

Nettles are a very good source of vitamins and minerals and are high in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, calcium and magnesium. Come try it today! Available for a limited time only. (Just an FYI nettle should not to be taken with any heart medications or blood thinners).

5 Ways To Get Protein If You're Cutting Back On Meat

There's often some concern around adequate protein intake for people that eat a vegan and/or vegetarian diet. What exactly is protein? A single protein is composed of a chain of individual amino acids strung together. There are 22 naturally occurring amino acids, most of which the body can create itself; these are known as non-essential (meaning that it is not essential to receive in the diet). Essential amino acids are those that are traditionally known to be required by the diet. Animal products are known as complete proteins because they typically contain an adequate ratio of all the essential amino acids. Many plant-based proteins are considered to be incomplete proteins meaning that they may be low in one or two of the essential amino acids. That being said, it is completely possible to eat a plant-based diet and get adequate amounts of protein! 

5 of our favourite plant-based protein sources: 

1. Legumes.

Some of the most common legumes include lentils, chickpeas, peanuts and beans. Legumes have a rich nutritional profile including a large source of fiber and protein. To increase the bioavailability and digestibility of your legumes, engage in practices of soaking and sprouting! Bonus: legumes are a very economical source of protein if you’re looking to reduce both your animal protein and grocery bill!

2. Chia seeds.

These little gems are small but mighty - packed with protein and loaded with fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and high in various micronutrients including calcium, manganese, and phosphorus. Chia contains both insoluble and soluble finer. It's soluble fiber content can remarkably absorb 10-12 times its weight in water allowing it to transform to a “gooey” substance when added to water – a remarkable egg replacement! Chia seeds have little flavour and are perfect for making a chia pudding, or adding to thicken oatmeal or smoothies.

3. Hemp Seeds.

These little guys are jam packed with protein, exceptionally high in two essential fatty acids of linoleic acid (omega-6) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3), and are abundant in magnesium, iron, phosphorus and zinc. Sprinkle hemp hearts on top of salads, oatmeal or add to smoothies.

4. Spirulina.

This micro blue-green algae is a complete source of protein and rich in thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, copper, manganese and iron. High in amino acids and iron, Spirulina is often recommended for people who eat a predominantly plant-based diet. It can be an incredibly cleansing supplement so if newly introducing to the diet, slow and steady is best! 

5. Quinoa. 

This food is often thought of as a grain as it is typically prepared and eaten like one; however, quinoa is grown for its edible seed. Along with being another great plant-based complete protein, quinoa is great source of vitamins and minerals, fiber, complex carbohydrates and particularly high in two plant compounds called flavonoids (quercetin and kaempferol) which are potent antioxidants. Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress on body cells and contribute to a number of health benefits. Sprout and soak quinoa for increased absorbability and digestion! 


Article by Dinah. In addition to managing the kitchen at Glory Juice, Dinah is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Reiki Practitioner at the Jericho Integrated Health Clinic in Kitsilano. Dinah specializes in intestinal and digestive health as well as has a particular interest in female hormonal health.

Call (604) 368-8799 or email soulvitalitywellness@gmail.com to book your first consultation!

Instagram: @soul.vitality   Facebook: Soul Vitality 

Recipe / Clear Skin Detox Water

Proper hydration is a key factor for great skin health. Drink your way to clear and glowing skin with our skin detox water recipe!

Clear Skin Detox Water

Makes 1 large pitcher


10 cups of filtered water

1 medium organic cucumber

2 small organic lemons

10-12 organic mint leaves


1. Wash lemons and cucumbers and slice thinly.

2. Add lemons, cucumber and mint to pitcher.

3. Cover with water and refrigerate at least 3 hours or overnight.

4. Alternatively you can add half the amount of all the ingredients into a large water bottle and refill throughout the day. Rinse out your bottle and add a fresh batch of ingredients every morning. Drink for 1 week and see how your skin looks and feels!

Why we love it...

+ Lemon- Citrus fruits play a key role in the formation of collagen due to their high Vitamin C content. Lemons are also great in helping the liver with detoxification. 

+ Cucumber- Cucumbers are full of skin loving antioxidants, including vitamin C, beta-carotene, and manganese. They are also super hydrating which is essential for soft, supple skin.

Mint- Mint is well known for soothing and healing inflammation and keeping acne at bay.

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