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Green Beauty Spotlight / Pura Botanicals

Pura Botanicals is an all natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly skincare line based out of Edmonton, Alberta. It was founded by Lane Edwards, who after travelling the world learning about perfuming, aromatherapy and bush essences, returned to Canada to carefully research and formulate the Pura line. Lane and her small team now work meticulously to ensure the quality of their product down to every last detail, from formulating concocting, bottling, and hand labelling. Every product is handcrafted using only the best plant and flower derived essences and wild harvested ingredients (foraged by Lane and her team themselves!). 

A common problem with natural skincare is that it often leaves us with less than satisfying results. Not when it comes to Pura. Made with the most luxurious materials that actually nurture your skin, each product has been carefully researched and tested to perform. Lane says, “The planet is too precious to create more toxic, chemical based beauty products that deplete our earth, and our own health and longevity. It is my mission to share and educate women that health-conscious, nontoxic skincare is not only good for the earth, but also elevates a woman's appreciation for her natural individual beauty.”

We carry a select range of Pura products at both our Kitsilano and Olympic Village stores. Come visit and try them out today!

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