Not Your Average Popcorn

Not Your Average Popcorn

Sep 17, 2018Glory Community

In celebration of the 37th annual Vancouver International Film Festival taking place towards the end of the month, we’re serving up a couple (crowd-winning) ways to dress-up popcorn for your next night-in with Netflix.

Though convenient, store-bought microwave popcorn is often packed full of hydrogenated oils and artificial preservatives. Good news is that making the perfect bag at home is insanely easy!

All you need to do:

1) Place 3-4 tablespoons of kernels into a paper sandwich bag

2) Fold the top tightly

3) Pop it in the microwave for about two and a half minutes et voilà! 

Time for the toppings. Try out some of these simple combos, or get creative with your own!


For the savoury lovers:

Coconut oil / tamari / nutritional yeast

Tahini / dill / lemon

Sunflower oil / chili flakes / lime 


For the sweet-tooths:

Coconut oil / coconut sugar / cinnamon

Glory Nut Butter / cacao nibs / maple syrup


Off to the theatre? Cineplex popcorn is technically plant-based (though you didn’t hear it from us!)

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