The Lowdown on Natural vs. Refined Sugars

The Lowdown on Natural vs. Refined Sugars

Oct 29, 2018Glory Community

Sugar is not the enemy! (Well, always).

Sugar often gets a bad rap, and it’s understandable why. With refined sugar packed into nearly all processed foods and drinks - it’s easy to overdo in our diets. The ills of over consuming this sweet stuff is lengthy - inflammation, increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, breakouts, the list goes on...

That being said, it’s important to remember that not all sugar is created equal.

While this seems obvious - trendy diets such as Keto have adherents strictly avoid the carbohydrate, even from plants!

Humans need carbohydrates to function and thrive (our brains run exclusively off glucose!). Natural “simple” sugars glucose and fructose are naturally found in plant foods - vital to the functioning of our cells. Refined or processed sugars are modified natural sugars - separated and concentrated from the source and thus missing their nutritional benefits.

While it may seem obvious that eating an apple is going to do a lot more for your body than a fistful of candy corn (which has its time in place, let’s be real), judging foods solely based off of their sugar content is immensely misleading. The fiber and nutrient content in fruit will make you feel more full, with the fructose metabolized in the liver in small, incremental amounts - keeping blood sugar levels steady and preventing crashes common to processed sugar.

A little bit isn’t going to kill you. So go ahead and indulge this Halloween - just make sure to balance it out with the good stuff, okay?

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