Meal Prep Now, Thank Yourself Later!

Meal Prep Now, Thank Yourself Later!

Oct 29, 2018Glory Community

While many of us will be using Daylight Savings to catch a much-needed hour of extra sleep this Sunday, those more motivated may want to use it to set up a healthy week - with meal prepping!

Though “meal prep” may elicit a couple eye-rolls in the age of social media, with many health and fitness instagrammers posting colorful shots of their elaborated prepped and packed, and portioned meals for the week, there’s a reason why the practice is so popular. Cooking / assembling healthy, delicious meals in advance helps save time, money, stress and most importantly - hanger.

Preparing meals for an entire week may seem like a daunting task - and eating the same thing day in and day out may feel a bit mechanical and monotonous. Who wants to say no to a spontaneous lunch date to eat out of a Tupperware container?

Luckily, there’s always a happy medium. Prepping food for the week can be as simple as making a huge pot of quinoa, or jar of overnight oats in advance while keeping your favourite toppings easily accessible to mix and match as you like. Chop up a variety of veggies to have on hand that can be roasted / sautéed / steamed with a variety of spices and sauces.

We personally love the “Glory Bowl” model - making sure to keep a soup, grain, salad, and dressing ready to go in the fridge so that whipping up a delicious and nutritious meal takes (nearly) zero effort.

For the times you can’t be bothered? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Come by one of our five locations or hit up one of our food delivery partners (Doordash, Foodora and UberEats) for some instant (+nutritious!) gratification.

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