Top Tips to Maintain Motivation and Achieve Goals

Top Tips to Maintain Motivation and Achieve Goals

Apr 29, 2022Glory Community

Have you ever set a goal and started out with so much enthusiasm only to have those feelings fade after a few weeks or months? You’re not alone! Motivation is the drive to achieve your goals and what helps us cope with challenges along the way, but maintaining motivation isn’t always easy. We’ve sourced some top tips to help you maintain motivation so you can achieve your goals.  

Set Mini Goals 

Take your big goal and break it down into smaller milestones. Each time you hit one of these milestones is a moment for you to reflect on what you’ve achieved so far and provides a dopamine-hit for your brain to push you to keep going!  

Make it Fun 

Sometimes we lose motivation when things start to get stale. Find ways to introduce variety to keep you motivated along the way. If your goal is to exercise 3 times a week, try different activities or if your goal is to eat healthier you could try new recipes or order some Glory Salads and Bowls to switch things up.  

Create a Visual Progress Tracker 

Try tracking your progress towards your goal in a journal or spreadsheet so you can visualize how far you’ve come and motivate yourself to keep going! You can track things like how far you ran or biked in a day, how many cups of water you drank, or how many times you remembered your reusable cup for your coffee or smoothie and diverted a single-use cup from the landfill.  

Novelty Effect

Approaching your goals with a fresh set of eyes can also give you a boost of motivation. Commonly referred to as the novelty effect, this can provide new insights into how you might achieve your goals. Is the local gym more of a social event than a chance to focus on your workout? Consider purchasing a spin bike or treadmill for occasional home use. If your goal is to read all the NY Times bestsellers each year, try out some audiobooks. 


Reward Yourself 

Celebrate your mini milestones (and big ones too) with rewards along the way. This tried-and-true tactic helps us maintain motivation through positive-reinforcement of desired behaviours. Got up early for a Saturday morning spin class? Reward yourself with a Glory Juice smoothie after class!  

Do you have other strategies to maintain motivation? Let us know in the comments below!  

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