The Power of Accountability: Why Personal Training Matters

The Power of Accountability: Why Personal Training Matters

Jun 06, 2022Glory Community

We all know staying active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start or to hold yourself accountable to maintain your fitness program and achieve your goals. We wanted to know more about the benefits of working with a personal trainer, so we connected with the experts at VIP Fitness & Lifestyle to learn more. Read on to find out what they had to say! 

There’s no lack of fitness studios in Vancouver. We are a city saturated with wellness initiatives and businesses where classes and memberships of all kinds can be found in all sorts of varying facilities. On top of that, the digital fitness world is another space with an overwhelming amount of information about fitness and exercise–you don’t have to scroll very long to find an instructional work-out post or video. With all these spaces and content out there, you could be swayed into thinking that working with a personal trainer is no longer necessary. 

The thing is, no matter how many apps, digital platforms, or trending classes are out there, there is simply nothing that can replace a one-on-one human relationship. Only a person can read body language, understand personality nuances, and comprehend an individual’s dynamic needs. Combine that with the comprehensive education and experience of a certified personal trainer, and there is really no match. 

A training relationship takes mutual trust that is built by both parties. Both a trainer and client have to trust that the other is going to genuinely show up and give their all in order for the partnership to lead to growth for both people. The mutual accountability needed for this type of relationship can’t be replicated by a class or digital platform; it is a uniquely human experience. 

There is also nothing that can replace having a professional eye watching your form and progress. Each human body is unique and has different habits that need to be individually addressed. There is a reason that the top athletes in the world work with a trainer–no matter where you’re at on your fitness journey, having the attention of a professional coach is crucial to your progress. Having that educated eye is what prevents long term injury and creates the safest possible environment for progress. 

Lastly, as we know, our physical health is deeply intertwined with our mental and emotional health. Similarly, a trainer becomes much more than just a physical coach; they become a mental, emotional, and social support system that is necessary for genuine change. They become your #1 cheerleader and accountability partner that pushes and encourages you in the specific ways that you need. The goal of physical training is inside-out development as a person–from our professional to personal lives and everything in between. From habits and intentions to mental health and focus, our physical activity has everything to do with all aspects of our lives, and only a trainer can help a person with this complex development. 

In our community, we take all of this into account when putting together an experience uniquely tailored to each individual. There are no two clients at VIP Fitness & Lifestyle that have the same membership package. We customize combinations of advanced fitness, nutrition, lifestyle wellness, stretch therapy, and massage to fit each individual’s needs, budget, and history. We pair our clients with a trainer that has the specialized training they require and who offers them the type of accountability and support that is necessary for their specific progress. 

Classes and digital fitness definitely have their place and can be amazingly helpful resources in our fitness journey–we offer classes and use apps as well! At the end of the day, however, we are human beings that need human connection. This connection and accountability is why we passionately believe in the power of personal training and hope to share its importance with our Vancouver community. 


Have you worked with a personal trainer before? What are your tips for staying active and meeting your fitness goals? Share in the comments below! 

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