Go to a product's detail page, then simply indicate that you’d like it as a subscription and select your frequency.


Choose the delivery day that works for you, and we'll deliver to your door (or Glory location of your choice).


Nourish yourself with the raw, organic goods that you ordered. Your next order will automatically arrive right on schedule.


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Common Questions

How does a subscription work?

We've recently launched the option to subscribe to any Glory product or package! This means you don't have to think about when your products are coming - you'll have a regular frequency of your favourite goods. When selecting a product, you choose your frequency (weekly, biweekly, monthly), and can change it anytime.

How frequent is a subscription?

Subscriptions can be as frequent (or infrequent) as you like. You choose your volume, how often you want it, and we take care of the rest. You can do anything from once a week to once every 6 weeks. Once your order processes, the delivery will come 2-3 days after.

Can I change my subscription?

Of course! You can change your frequency, smoothies or even address in your account dashboard. Cancellation is free after 2 orders - cancelling after the first order incurs a $10 bag charge.

How do recurring charges work?

For future orders, your order will always process on a Thursday, and then be delivered the on the following weekday you've previously ordered. For example, if your first order was delivered on a Monday, this one will also be delivered on a Monday. If you need to adjust this, email us and we'll help you out!