Tales of a Zero Waste Wedding / #lovegloriously

Tales of a Zero Waste Wedding / #lovegloriously

Mar 01, 2019Glory Community

It’s no secret that, here at Glory Juice Co, we were feeling the love in February, as we headed into Valentine’s Day (see our Love Maca smoothie)

As we worked away all love drunk, cold-pressing our juice, we wanted to connect with our GloryLife community to learn more about how each of you likes to spread the love.

Whether it be the story of a grand gesture or just the little things you do or receive every single day, we were excited to learn what love meant to you.

And so, birthed the #lovegloriously contest.


How do you #lovegloriously?

Our quest to quench our desire for heartwarming love stories started with an outreach to all GloryLifer’s through Instagram and our Newsletter (be sure to follow each, if you’ve yet to do so!)

We asked a simple question – How do you #lovegloriously? We left the question open-ended as we didn’t want to confine what “love” should mean or how it should be expressed. Instead, we wanted to receive stories that were genuine and true to each of you.


Zero Waste Wedding

We received so many submissions that told beautiful stories that we absolutely adored. There was one tale, however, that we couldn’t help but share with the rest of you.

It comes from Alexandria Maillot (@cozychaletco) and it highlights here ambitions to coordinate a 100% waste-free wedding for her mother last summer.

The story goes as follows:

Last July, my mom had a beautiful backyard wedding. knowing how wasteful weddings can be, I asked my mom if she would let me make all of the signs for the wedding, as well as handle recycling and compost. to my delight, she agreed! I spent a solid six months sourcing and thrifting supplies; I lucked out by finding 10 of the same picture frames that were perfect for table numbers. I painted the frames with some leftover chalk paint from a previous project, distressed it a little, and designed and printed all the table numbers to fit perfectly in each frame.

I found an old poster board in the garage that I was able to reuse as a welcome sign, designed the image and had it printed at our local printer, and stuck the print to the board and then onto a wooden pole that I found in the backyard. More examples of thrifted frames/chalkboard signs that I got to flex my handwriting skills on, plus I used my paper-puncher to make all of the name tags!

Possibly my favourite last minute addition, I found this end table next to a dumpster when I was walking through downtown #Courtenay, and being the thrifty human I am, carried it home knowing I could give it a second life. I cleaned it up, tightened the legs, painted it with chalk paint, gave it a little distressing, and drew a little design on to the top (thanks Google for the idea). it was perfect for when people wanted to place their drinks down. not only was my mom elated with the results, but a family member who is getting married this year asked if she could use all the signage for her wedding as well! weddings are a great opportunity to flex your #zerowaste muscles!


Don’t Stop the Love

We’d like to thank everyone who submitted their stories and warmed our hearts through the #lovegloriously contest this year.

While the #lovegloriously contest has come and passed, we hope that doesn’t prevent each of you from continuing to share some love all year round.

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