Cold-Pressed or Blended? Drink Produce That’s ACTUALLY Good For You

Cold-Pressed or Blended? Drink Produce That’s ACTUALLY Good For You

Mar 01, 2019Glory Community

At Glory Juice Co., our goal is to make nutrition easy, accessible, and delicious for every and anyone within our community. One of the best ways to do this is through the creation of organic, fruit and vegetable-based juices (hey, it’s in our name).

While nutritional awareness continues to improve, there are two types of liquid produce that generally rise to the top of the “health-benefit” discussion: Cold-Pressed and Blended.

But between these, which actually provides you with the nutritional benefits that you’re looking for.

Not All Juice is Made Equal

I’m sure for many, this goes without saying, but we’ll say it again; not all juice is made equal.

In most cases, the juices you’ll find on the shelf of your local supermarket are created through the mixture of processed fruit concentrates, high-fructose corn syrups, and water.

This may produce a beverage that’s low-cost and good tasting, but it provides little in the way of actual nutrition to support your everyday health needs. Not to mention, it’s high sugar and caloric levels can lead many of us to putting on some unexpected extra pounds if we consume this type of juice mindlessly.

This is not the juice we’ll be discussing today.


Cold-Pressed Juice

Cold-pressing is the process of extracting the water and nutrients from produce through the use of temperature-controlled pressure, while at the same time discarding the remaining indigestible fiber.

While there are other methods of juicing outside of cold-presseing available, they tend to introduce high levels of heat into the juice extraction process.  This heat exponentially reduces the volume of beneficial enzymes and nutrients within the juice.

Cold-pressed juice, however, retains nearly 100% its nutrients, helping to extend the juice’s shelf-life and ensure that you’re getting the benefit you expect from your liquid-produce consumption.

By consuming cold-pressed juice, you’re providing your body with high levels of nutritional value that your body can easily absorb and process. This why it is our preferred method of juice production.


Blended Produce

While cold-pressed juice removes the produce’s fibre, blended produce retains it in the form of pulp. Fibre is beneficial for those looking to improve or maintain a healthy digestive system.

With that said, the heat of a blender’s speeding blade can result in the expedited decrease of the produce’s nutrients, resulting in a drastically shorter shelf-life than its cold-pressed counterpart.

Additionally, blended fruits generally carry a higher volume of sugar, and your healthy snack can quickly evolve into a sugary nightmare.

Overall, blended produce makes a good base for anyone looking to create a smoothie enhanced with protein powders, chia seeds, maca powder or other beneficial modifiers. It’s also an easy way to get a nutritional substitute to a traditional plated meal.


Which is Better?

Both methods are a great way to consume your needed intake of produce for the day; as long as you’re mindful of what you’re consuming and why.

Understanding the differences between these two juice types is critical to ensuring you maintain a healthy balance of nutritional consumption in your diet.

And remember: if you’re looking for an easy way AND healthy way to drink your produce, Glory Juice Co. is here to help!

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