18 Things We Love About Spring in Vancouver

18 Things We Love About Spring in Vancouver

Mar 13, 2019Glory Community

March 20th officially marks the first day of Spring in 2019. As we thaw out from the winter months and late season snowfall, we decided to curate a list of our top 18 favourite things about Spring in Vancouver.

Be sure to let us know how our list compares to yours.

  1. The beautiful Cascadia mountain sun; nowhere else gets it as good as we do!
  2. Cycle-friendly weather for trips around the Stanley Park seawall
  3. Getting our sweat on at the Vancouver Sun Run; look out for the “Blazing Glory” running team at this year’s event
  4. Fresh cherry blossoms becoming the backdrop to all our IG posts; you know you're doing this too
  5. Night markets go live!; Still debating which is better, Richmond or North Van
  6. The Vancouver Whitecaps are back in action
  7. Taking some needed PT with wine tasting tours up in the Okanagan
  8. Besting our Grouse Grind times from the previous year
  9. Nerding out with the best of them at Fan Expo Vancouver
  10. Light jogs around False Creek; the temperature is good any time of the day
  11. Nature adventures up at Bunzten Lake
  12. Day trips to a dog-friendly park; Fido will thank us for this one
  13. Getting amped up cheering at the annual Dragon Boat Festival
  14. Squeezing in our last few ski runs before we hang it up for the season
  15. Fresh Flowers at Van Dusen Gardens
  16. Soaking in the tunes at the Vancouver Jazz Festival
  17. Longer days, mean longer nights out enjoying our city
  18. The fact that our seasonal #18 Juice is available for you to try; This is seriously a big deal for us because we LOVE this juice

About the #18

The #18 is a seasonal blend of certified organic tropical fruits. It’s the perfect way to christen another beautiful Vancouver spring season. It’s like sunshine in a bottle.

You can try the #18 in-store today or order it online for pickup or delivery

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