Which Cold-Pressed Juice is Right for You?

Which Cold-Pressed Juice is Right for You?

Jun 13, 2022Glory Community

With so many options when it comes to choosing a cold-pressed juice, sometimes it can feel hard to find the right one for you. We have tons of experience in crafting (and drinking) cold-pressed juice, so today we thought we’d break it down and give our community some tips to help you find the perfect beverage for you! 
 Green Juice & Beet Juice


The first place to start when looking for a juice that suits you is by considering the base ingredients and flavour profiles that you prefer. Afterall, one of the most important factors of a healthy lifestyle is consistency, so you want to make sure you’re selecting a juice you love to drink that you’ll look forward to adding to your routine. 

At Glory Juice, we’ve split our juices into three categories: green-based, fruit-based, and root-based. If you have a sweet-tooth, you may want to start with a fruit-based juice, or if you enjoy the earthiness of beets and carrots then we recommend a root-based juice. For those who love fresh, crisp greens like kale, spinach, and celery, then you’ll want to head to the green-based juices! 

Consider Nutrient Needs 

Drinking cold-pressed juice can be a great way to add more important vitamins and minerals to your diet. If you’re looking to add more of a specific nutrient into your diet, you can select a juice to help you meet your nutritional needs. For example, citrus juices are high in Vitamin C, whereas juices packed with spinach can have a higher iron content.  

Functional Benefits 

You can get tons of functional benefits by adding different juices to your daily routine so it’s important to think about your goals and lifestyle to help you pick the right juice for you.  

If you’re very active, you may enjoy the muscle-recovery benefits of a beet juice. If you’re looking to support your skin health, try a carrot-based juice which contains antioxidants from beta-carotene. Upset stomach? Turn to a juice with ginger to help settle the tummy.  


If you’re not sure where to start or just want to try a variety of juices to see which ones you like best, we recommend our Juice Bundles! Each bundle has an assortment of six different juices so you can nourish your body with a variety of plant-based goodness. Check them all out here! 

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