Take a Hike! Skip the Gym & Head Outside this October

Take a Hike! Skip the Gym & Head Outside this October

Oct 01, 2018Glory Community

This Summer we gave you our hiking nutrition guide - and it’s not too late to put it to the test! Even as the weather gets colder and days grow shorter, the mountains are just as beautiful this season (if not more, given that the smoke has finally passed). Grab some friends, family, your dog or just yourself and get outdoors before the snow settles in!

Why is hiking one of our favourite forms of exercise?

In comparison to walking or running on level terrain, navigating uneven ground while hiking helps engage different muscles than many typical forms of exercise - helping strengthen joints and prevent injury. As opposed to more repetitive, monotonous movements, hiking also helps increase heart rates and metabolism - causing you to burn more energy.

In addition to breaking a sweat, hiking is a great form of natural therapy. A study out of Stanford University found that spending time in natural environments, outside of the bustle of city life, helps reduce the propensity for anxiety and depression and can improve mood levels all around.

Though a bit of a trek outside the city, one of our favourite fall hikes is Mt. Frosty in Manning Park - home to one of the region’s famed treasures: Golden Larches. Native to only Canada and Siberia, these rare coniferous trees turn a brilliant golden hue for a short window each year - so make sure not to miss them!

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