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Recipe Roundup: Chickpea Flour
Nov 13, 2018
If chickpea flour hasn’t become a pantry staple by now - prepare thyself. Not only...
Pumpkin Seeds: Superfood in a Small Package
Oct 01, 2018
Ah, pumpkins. Whether for picking, carving, or mashing into everyone’s favourite pie, it’s time to...
7 Ways To Make Your Salad More Satisfying
Jul 06, 2017
Summer time means salad time! But are you bored of your standard green salad? Today...
5 Ways To Get Protein If You're Cutting Back On Meat
Apr 20, 2017
There's often some concern around adequate protein intake for people that eat a vegan and/or...
Product Spotlight / Epic Protein
Feb 23, 2017
Free from all additives, gluten, dairy and GMOs, Epic Protein is a certified organic plant-based...