Product Spotlight / Epic Protein

Product Spotlight / Epic Protein

Feb 23, 2017Glory Community

Free from all additives, gluten, dairy and GMOs, Epic Protein is a certified organic plant-based protein powder made from sprouted brown rice and yellow pea protein. Perfect for anyone with allergies or intolerances to traditional whey based powders or as a high quality protein source for vegans, it’s our favourite here at Glory.

Epic Protein starts with premium, organic whole grain brown rice which goes through sprouting and fermenting in the interest of naturally increasing digestibility and protein content. At no point do they use chemicals, instead; a low temperature enzyme process is used, leaving a completely raw and organic product.

Epic Protein is also: 
+ 100% hypoallergenic (decreased chance for allergic reaction)
+ 100% vegan (no animal products used at any time)
+ 100% raw (processed at low temperatures)
+ 100% certified organic (no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or chemicals)
+ 100% gluten-free
+ 98% correlated to mother’s milk (more than whey and soy)
+ 98.2% bio-available (more than whey and soy)
+ Over 80% protein content
+ Comprised of a complete, high-quality amino acid chain (helping to prolong muscle mass and maintain endurance and intensity during strenuous workouts).

With 19-26g of protein per serve (depending on the flavour), it’s also contains omega fatty acids from Sacha Inchi, phytochemicals and prebiotics from Jerusalem Artichoke and Cranberry Seed and blends well into water or smoothies without a chalky or grainy texture.

Find it at Glory: We use Epic Protein in most of our shakes or you can add an extra scoop to any shake or Acai bowl in any of these flavours- original, chocolate or vanilla. We also sell the 494g packs in store in all 3 flavours.

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