Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse

Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse

Jan 20, 2019Glory Community

Bid farewell to Capricorn season.

Looking up at the Moon can create a sense of awe at any time, but set an alarm on your digital bff for this Sunday and remember to look up because we have a motherload of lunar extravaganzas, all happening in one night, in one moon.


- Moon darkening is visible from the Americas and Europe at 7:33 p.m. PST.

- The beginning of the total lunar eclipse at 8:41 p.m. PST.

- The moment of greatest eclipse, occurring at 9:12 p.m. PST.


A Breakdown Of This Cosmic Mouthful 

- Lunar eclipses can happen only during a full moon, when the Moon and the Sun are aligned on opposite sides of Earth and the Moon is shadowed by Earth.

- The eclipse will occur when the moon is closest to Earth in its monthly orbit, making it appear slightly bigger than normal in the night sky - dubbing it a "super moon."

- A ‘Blood Moon’, refers to a moon that is cast in a reddish tint as it passes through the Earth's shadow, and this only happens during lunar eclipses.

- A ‘Wolf Moon’, is a made up name designated for the first full moon of January.


This potent supermoon signals that it’s time for a shift.

Ushering in Aquarius season, this cosmic event falls in the sign of Leo on January 20-21st and is helping to bring closure to a huge cycle of healing, growth, and transformation that we have been working through since 2017. Stop reading, and just think back to 2017 to reflect on how much you’ve grown and just how much you’ve changed? Has your life taken new shape or launched you into a new direction? I know mine sure did! Well, this Leo Eclipse is the last in the cycle, which means this is the final release and climax moment to all of that energy.

To help us shift into this new beginning a cosmic spotlight will shine on identity, relationships, romance, creativity, and self expression all urging you to look more closely at your purpose in this life, the people in it and towards your legacy.


4 tips for Full Moon energy

  1. Cleanse your space, body and mind. A full moon is the optimal timeto remove or let go of built up energy by smudging with sage or
  2. Charge Your Crystals. Set your crystals out to bathe in the fullmoonlight for an extra energetic charge from the
  3. Proceed With Caution. Try not to get overly attached with any overly emotional decisions. Give the full moon a few days to fully express itself before making major decisions as to not stir up drama within
  4. Meditate + Let Go. This magical energy can provide us access to inspiring moments of self reflection + realizations that highlight what is worth our energy and what’s not. If it doesn’t sit right, just let it go and let it be.


Contribution by Reanne - Founder of Mettabar:

Native to Trinidad, West Indies, MettaBar's founder + Mindful Mixologist, brings together holistic + spiritual products + practices to live well, wise + meaningful lives within the pressures + complexity of the modern world.

In an attempt to understand ourselves better, Reanne’s intuitive sessions combine tarot, astrology, crystals, oracle + recommended rituals to inspire + develop clarity to discover how we might live better in the future.

For information on bookings with Reanne + upcoming workshops, visit for your dose of nutrients for the soul.

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