Our Golden Go-To: Turmeric Mylk Lattes

Our Golden Go-To: Turmeric Mylk Lattes

Oct 01, 2018Glory Community

While Fall typically sends Pumpkin Spice latte loyalists into a frenzy, there’s another concoction getting a lot of good buzz: Turmeric lattes.

As opposed to their highly-marketed counterpart, which is often chock-full of unnecessary sweeteners, Turmeric or “Golden Mylk” lattes offers a host of nutritional benefits (in addition to tasting delicious!)

At Glory, we make our Turmeric Lattes using our house-made Golden Mylk - a fresh blend of organic almonds, turmeric, spices and raw honey. Slightly spicy and subtly sweet, you’ll get the anti-inflammatory benefits from curcumin (the active compound in turmeric), immune system support from honey, and stomach-settling effect of ginger all in one.

Have your’s with a shot of espresso for a morning boost, or opt to have it without for the perfect, caffeine-free afternoon pick-me-up or evening wind-down. The best part? It’s always in season- find it at Glory all year round!

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