Get Thrifty This Fall

Get Thrifty This Fall

Sep 17, 2018Glory Community

Fall hit the city in full-swing, causing many of us to start trading out tank tops for turtlenecks. While it may be tempting to drop the next paycheck on another cozy Aritzia knit, Vancouver is chock-full of thrift and vintage finds that will have your closet (and wallet!) thanking you.

Why buy second-hand?

It’s sustainable.

Textile production is one of the most polluting industries globally, accounting for nearly 5% of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to its negative impact on the environment, fast fashion is often produced under unfair labour conditions - with unlivable wages and unsafe working environments for employees being the norm. Shopping second-hand is the perfect way to recycle worn, quality goods - helping reduce apparel waste and diverting demand away from unethical producers. 

It’s original.

Thrifting gives you the freedom to pick up more trendy + adventurous pieces, without the shoppers’ remorse - saving room in your budget to invest more in quality staples from sustainable brands. While combing through endless clothing racks may take a little more patience, finding hidden gems (like that perfect pair of denim or oversized blazer) makes it worth it!

It supports your community.

Many thrift shops and second-hand stores operate as social enterprises, giving back to the local community and offering equal employment opportunities for marginalized or at-risk groups. 

Check out a couple of our local faves:

The Wildlife Thrift Store - “recycling and giving back” is what they’re known for, with all profits donated to local charities.

Community Thrift & Vintage - while sporting a smaller, more-curated (and slightly pricier!) selection, proceeds from this small, women-run collective are donated to the HS Community Services Society.




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