Benefits of Celery Juice: Health or Hype?

Benefits of Celery Juice: Health or Hype?

Apr 01, 2019Glory Community

Of all the health and wellness trends happening in 2019, few can deny the prominence of pure celery juice. From social media influencers blasting the benefits of it on their feeds, to health gurus speaking to it on the evening news, it’s hard to not be interested in knowing more about this simple veggie juice.

So, is celery juice really worth the hype? We discuss some of the benefits below.  



Celery juice is proven to have anti-inflammatory properties due to the phytosterol and polar substances found within it. [source]

Inflammation is how our bodies respond to injury or infection. It is how it signals to the immune system that tissue needs to be repaired or defended against viruses or bacteria.

If inflammation occurs for too long, however, more sever problems can arise. Chronic inflammation has been linked to heart disease, strokes, arthritis and more. Celery’s anti-inflammatory properties can help to prevent chronic inflammation from occurring.


Gastrointestinal Relief

Celery’s anti-inflammatory properties extend even further, helping to relieve gastrointestinal issues such as acid reflux, IBS, constipation, and general bloating.

Celery juice drinkers can expect their digestive track to feel “on-track” when integrated as a part of their daily diet.


Vitamin K – The forgotten essential vitamin

Celery contains a high-volume of vitamin K.

What’s vitamin K, you ask? It’s an essential vitamin that plays an important role in both bone and heart health. Additionally, it helps to maintain brain function, a strong metabolism and protects against cancer. [source]

The Mid America Heart Institute of Saint Luke’s Hospital considers vitamin K to be one of the most important vitamins for adult men.


Worth the Hype?

We say yes! That’s why we’re proud to introduce the #11 – our new, cold-pressed celery juice. Each bottle contains nothing but certified organic celery juice making it easy for you to reap the health benefits detailed above.

Find it in-store or online today.

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