Glory Juice Co. 7-Day Green Juice Cleanse Experience

Glory Juice Co. 7-Day Green Juice Cleanse Experience

May 25, 2021Glory Community

Stefan and Tatiana James are two internet entrepreneurs with busy lifestyles. Looking to cleanse their bodies, reset their minds and implement positive health changes, the two recently underwent a 7-Day Green Juice Cleanse with Glory Juice.

"I wanted to give my digestive system a break and flood my body with nutrients from the juices. I also find that cleansing helps me become aware of eating patterns that are not healthy," Tatiana said. 

The two went for the Green Juice Cleanse because of its low sugar content. For Stefan, this was important since he, too, wanted to cut out unhealthy eating habits, especially sugar.

"I wanted to eliminate some sugar cravings and use my juice cleanse to build some new positive health habits," Stefan said. 

Everyone's cleansing experience is different. When undergoing a juice cleanse, it's completely normal to feel groggy or low on energy as this is a transitional period for your body. However, like in Stefan's case, your body will adapt slowly. 

"The first few days of the cleanse were the most difficult as I experienced some withdrawal symptoms, but after the 3rd day, I started having high energy levels and was feeling amazing," Stefan said. 

For Tatiana, her eating habits made her feel tired, but she was revitalized by the cleanse!

"I felt sluggish before the cleanse as I wasn't eating the healthiest. During the cleanse, I felt great, very light, and energized. After the cleanse, I continued to feel energized and healthy," Tatiana said.  

Especially for longer cleanses, staying on track and motivated to complete can be difficult. The two liked to consume health-focused media, like videos and podcasts, to remind themselves of the benefits of a juice cleanse. 

"While cleansing, I like to watch health documentaries or listen to health podcasts to keep me motivated and inspired," said Tatiana. "It is helpful to be constantly reminded why health is a priority and how cleansing is doing a great service for my body." 

After the cleanse, not only had the two reset their mind and body, but they finished with a sense of accomplishment. 

"After the cleanse, I felt a high sense of accomplishment as I felt I did something amazing for my body," Stefan said. "I lost some weight and also felt I was able to eliminate some emotional eating triggers and sugar cravings."

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