Glory Juice Co Secret Menu Items

Glory Juice Co Secret Menu Items

May 11, 2021Glory Community

Pssst...what you’re about to read is confidential information that you shouldn’t share with anyone—just kidding!  

Inspired by customer and employee creations, the Glory secret menu includes smoothie bowls packed with goodness, remakes of popular smoothies, and more tasty treats that can only be made and purchased in-store!

Head over to our locations page to find your nearest Glory café to try one or all of our exclusive secret menu items. Don’t forget to tag us at @gloryjuiceco on IG for a chance to be featured! 

Spring Smoothie Bowl

This season-inspired smoothie bowl consists of our new Carrot Cake Smoothie, Glory Granola, Goji Berries, Bee Pollen or Honey. It’s sweet, bright and fresh, just like spring!

Raspberry Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Do you have a sweet tooth? Our Raspberry Chocolate Smoothie Bowl is comprised of the popular Raspberry Nut Butter Smoothie, black bean brownie, cacao nibs, goji berries and fresh banana. 

Tropical Smoothie Bowl

It may only be spring, but anytime is a good time to travel to a tropical paradise! Featuring our Mango Maca smoothie, this smoothie bowl is topped with fresh banana, goji berries, coconut nectar, granola and bee pollen.

Raspberry Nut Butter

The Raspberry Nut Butter Smoothie Bowl is fresh and sweet! With a Raspberry Nut Butter smoothie base, this bright and colourful bowl is topped with banana, granola, hemp seeds and honey!


Chocolate Brownie Smoothie Bowl 

Calling all chocolate lovers, this one is for you! The Chocolate Brownie Smoothie bowl is Chocolate Nutter smoothie base topped with a delicious black bean brownie, cacao nibs, fresh banana and drizzled with honey.   

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