Switch it Up: The Secret of Nature’s Sports Drink

Switch it Up: The Secret of Nature’s Sports Drink

May 01, 2019Glory Community

Traditionally made from a blend of apple cider, fresh ginger, maple syrup, leveled out with filtered water, switchels have a fermented taste similar to that of kombucha.

A current favorite for both the health-conscious and upscale cocktail bars, this classic mixture has historic roots dating back to the 18th century as an all-natural thirst-quencher.

So why the surge of popularity in 2019?


Switchel Benefits

Often described as “nature’s sports drink”, switchels provide drinkers with a number of exceptional health benefits, beyond just increased hydration.

Electrolyte Boost: Switchels come packed full of electrolytes; nutrients that help your body perform specific functions (like regulating your heartbeat or physical movement). Physical exertion and illness can often lead to an electrolyte imbalance, resulting in fatigue, chronic thirst, and nausea.

The maple syrup and apple cider vinegar found in a switchel result in a high volume of potassium-rich electrolytes, which help to prevent a sustained imbalance. It’s a great alternative to sugary sports drinks often marketed as “electrolyte replenishers”.

Digestive Aid: Both ginger and apple cider vinegar benefit your body’s digestive and gastrointestinal systems. Switchels can help to reduce bloating and keep things moving; resulting in enhanced removal of toxins.

Reduced Inflammation: Ginger also can help to reduce chronic inflammation, which relates to many common diseases, physical ailments, skin problems, and digestive issues. Drinking switchels regularly can help to keep these ailments at bay, so that you can feel great all through the day.


Believe in Majik

Take your switchel to the next level with the addition of blue majik powder. Blue majik is a blue-green algae derivative that has often held a high spot on the regarded “superfood” list. It’s said to provide a number of immune-boosting benefits that help to further enhance the benefits you’re receiving from your switchel consumption.

Plus, it makes your beverage look extra Instagram-worthy.


Switch it Up

At Glory Juice Co., we’re proud to offer a delicious selection of switchel and other naturally refreshing beverages. You can find your favorite online or instore today!



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