Take Your Winter Workout to the Mountain

Take Your Winter Workout to the Mountain

Dec 24, 2018Glory Community

While the city may be blissfully snow-free this December, we Vancouverites are lucky to have the coastal mountains (Grouse, Seymour and Cypress!) right in our backyard. Why not take advantage of the super fun activities they have over the Winter? Here’s three ways to take your workout to the slopes:


  1. Snowshoeing - If you’ve never been snowshoeing, trust us: it can be exhausting. But as with hiking, it goes by easy when surrounded by amazing views! Check out 10 of the best snowshoeing trails near the city and be prepared to feel the burn.

  2. Mountaintop Ice Skating - There's no better way to experience winter than skating in the fresh mountain air on a smooth outdoor ice skating rink high above the city. So grab your skates and go for a glide on Grouse Mountain's 8,000 square foot Ice Skating Pond - the only one of its kind on the West Coast!

  3. Night Skiing - All three coastal mountains are open during the evening for night skiing, usually running from 4-10pm. With a view of the city lit up on clear nights, skiing and riding in the dark is an entirely different experience. Most people find they are even more connected to the sport as they take cues from the snow and rely less upon their vision as their primary guide. Getting in a few laps can be great for health and fitness - but is more importantly super fun! Plus, you get to skip the crowds and enjoy cheaper lift tickets - win win!



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