Glorious Stocking Stuffers

Glorious Stocking Stuffers

Dec 24, 2018Glory Community

Need a couple finishing touches to a loved one’s stocking? Look no further! We’ve got a couple items in stock that anyone on your list would love.


Tongue Scraper / $5

Okay, so “tongue scraper” doesn’t sound very glamorous or exciting. But trust us when we say it’s an oral health game-changer! A quick and easy way to remove debris, bacteria, and dead cells that build up on your tongue over time - these nifty tools help prevent bad breath and improve the appearance of your tongue overall! For something you can use everyday, $5’s a steal. We stock ones made from stainless steel that are super durable and easy to clean!

Jade Face Roller / $35

Jade rolling is the latest and greatest in the world of beauty routines - and the perfect addition to any skincare lover’s stocking! Some of the serious benefits to jade rolling include increased skin circulation, cooling and anti-inflammatory effects, increased product absorption, aid to lymphatic drainage and soothing to redness / skin conditions!

Glory Gift Card / $

What do you get the person who seemingly has everything? Two words: gift card (aka the gift that keeps on giving). Luckily for you, through the end of December we’re gifting a bag of granola or nut butter (or both!) with the purchase of any $35 / $60 dollar Glory gift card. Stuff that in a stocking!

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