Our Top 3 Tips For Staying Healthy Through The Festive Season

Our Top 3 Tips For Staying Healthy Through The Festive Season

Dec 21, 2017Glory Community

Deprivation shouldn't be a part of your end of year celebrations! However, staying healthy during the Holiday season can be challenging. As well as staying mindful of what you are eating and drinking, here are 3 of our best tips for staying healthy throughout the festive season.

Tip #1: Commit to a morning exercise routine.

For the few days leading up to and after Christmas, push yourself to stick to a regular exercise routine. This will help to keep you positive, fit and feeling good. Whether it be a 20 minute run, a hot yoga class or an intense spin class, plan something for early in the day and make it a priority. Morning exercise will help to boost your metabolism and energy for the entire day, and you won’t have to worry about doing it later.

Tip #2: Aim to eat one healthy meal a day.

Continue to prioritise your healthy eating habits. Just because it’s the silly season, doesn’t mean your everyday habits should now fly out the window. Start your day with lemon + hot water and a green juice. If you’re busy or running around all day, try substituting breakfast or lunch with a healthy protein packed smoothie - the ultimate liquid nutrition on the go! If you’ve overindulged during the day make sure to fill up on lots of fresh, tasty, nutritious food at dinner – fruits, vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats. A great balance is 80% good stuff, then save the other 20% for treats. 

Tip #3: Keep well hydrated.

Alcohol is a major cause of dehydration and we lose important electrolytes every time we have a drink. Electrolytes are minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and sodium that are vital for keeping fluids balanced in our bodies and are needed for good health. Therefore it’s also important to stay hydrated during the day by consuming plenty of fluids. As well as plain water try coconut water (which is high in electrolytes), or herbal tea of you’re feeling chilly. Drinking cold-pressed green juices and citrus juices will not only keep you energised and hydrated, but will also help to boost your vitamin C and antioxidant levels (which can be depleted when drinking alcohol). 

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