Magic Switchel: The Ultimate Hydrator

Magic Switchel: The Ultimate Hydrator

Feb 28, 2020Glory Community

Here at Glory Juice Co., we're always looking to add new products to better serve our community.

We have a wide selection of juices and almond-based mylks that are densely packed with vitamins and nutrients. However, these are all naturally filling. We wanted to provide something more light and refreshing, but still nourishing.

That’s why we created the super-hydrating Magic Switchel refresher. 

Not only does Magic Switchel hydrate just like water, it has additional ingredients and benefits that further replenish you. Look at it as Glory’s take on a blue Gatorade that’s natural, vegan and organic. It really doesn’t get better than that! 

What’s in this potion-like drink you ask? Magic Switchel is a combination of alkaline water, ginger, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, lemon and E3 Live’s Blue Majik, a chemical free Spirulina Powder (a blue-green algae).

The alkaline water base hydrates better than normal water, since the molecules in alkaline water are smaller and can be absorbed by your cells easier. The alkaline properties also neutralizes the body's acids. 

The ginger and apple cider vinegar replenish and aid your digestive tract. While The Vitamin C in the lemon offers antioxidants to help boost the immune system and is known to ease the common cold. 

Magic Switchel is naturally sweetened by maple syrup. ¼ of maple syrup gives you 41% of your daily zinc and 100% of your daily magnesium, which can replenish your energy levels. It also provides Calcium (great for strengthening bones and teeth), Riboflavin (aids in metabolic processes), Potassium (helps to maintain a normal blood pressure). 

The Blue Majik, the vegan algae powder, provides fatty acids and a plant-based protein. After a gruelling workout, this Spirulina powder can support and hydrate inflamed muscles. Further, it can help increase your energy, vitality and endurance for when your workout is really heating up! 

It’s no wonder this restoring beverage can be found in Glory’s high-protein and hydrating Active Cleanse. Which is for those looking to do a juice cleanse, but still able to receive nutrition to remain active. 

All of Glory Juice Co’s refreshers are raw, vegan, organic and unpasteurized. Find Magic Switchel and more of Glory’s refreshers in a cafe near you or buy online.

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