Active Juice Cleanse

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Product Features

Certified OrganicVegan ProductCold-Pressed Juice

Designed for your active lifestyle, this cleanse has a higher protein content to keep you feeling full and fueled throughout the day.  

Your Active Cleanse Day 

  1. Breakfast: Chia Fresca | Refreshing and neutral, a great little pick-me-up to start your day. Slightly sweet, slightly tart.  
  2. Morning Snack: #1 | This fresh, lemony + green delight boasts 3 lbs of fresh, organic produce in one bottle. High in chlorophyll, the #1 is good for alkalizing the body, boosting the immune system + cleansing the blood and liver. 
  3. Lunch: #6 | The #6 boosts the immune system with it's high antioxidant content and aids healing with the anti-inflammatory properties present in turmeric. 
  4. Afternoon Snack: Magic Switchel | The perfect refreshment after a workout. Blue Majik adds a high concentration of plant-based protein, vitamins, trace minerals, and essential fatty acids. 
  5. Dinner: #7 | Beet juice benefits cardiovascular health as it is said to increase the uptake of oxygen to the blood. Burdock root offers detoxifying properties for the blood and liver. 
  6. Dessert: Chia Colada | Electrolytes from coconut water keep you hydrated, bromelain from pineapple enhances the absorption of minerals and digestion of protein, and the high fibre and protein levels of chia seed make you feel more satiated. 
  7. Anytime: E3 Live Shot | The perfect mid-day pick-me-up. Packed with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, it can improve immune, endocrine and cardiovascular systems. The addition of grapefruit juice can act as an antioxidant, flushing the body of toxins. 

Delivery/Pickup Information 

We highly recommend that you schedule your juice cleanse delivery or pickup date for the day before you plan on starting your cleanse. 

This will ensure that you have all your juices available from the start of your day, allowing you to feel happy and satiated right from the beginning. 

Cleanses come as a single delivery. If you'd like to split your cleanse into multiple deliveries, please contact us after ordering. Please note that we are unable to substitute any of the juices for mylks.  



We deliver to Greater Vancouver, North Van, West Van, the Fraser Valley, Sunshine Coast, Victoria, Nanaimo, Bowen Island and Sea to Sky corridor with a minimum order. Please check out our Delivery Information page for all the details!