Four Ways to Not Go Crazy While Working From Home

Four Ways to Not Go Crazy While Working From Home

Apr 24, 2020Glory Community

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As much as we like cosying up at home, isolation these days can get to be a bit much. Factor in work, kids, and our extended isolation timeline into the equation and our living area is beginning to feel smaller and smaller, and our fuse at risk of burning shorter and shorter. 

That's why we've come up with ways to #MaintainYourGlory, outlining four simple practices you can take to improve your mental health while isolating at home.

1. Walk and Support a Local Business

One of our favourite ways to stay grounded is to get back to the basics and practice values-driven buying. Here's a list of some of our favourites local spots to support:

NADA: This package-free grocery has altered its service by providing 100% recycled paper bags. They also have personal shoppers for their self-serve section.

Virtuous Pie: The plant-based pizza place is still doing delivery and pick-up! 

The Soap Dispensary and Kitchen Staples: Stock up or refill your premium soaps, household cleaners, personal care products, DIY ingredients and fine edibles.

Modo Yoga:  Yoga studios have been particularly impacted by the pandemic. Support Modo Yoga Studio by attending their online classes or Instagram Live sessions.

MeeT in Yaletown: Indulge in plant-based foods from MeeT in Yaletown. Call for pick-up until 10 P.M. or orders through DoorDash!

RIDE CYCLE CLUB: RIDE is currently releasing a series of 45-minute video classes designed originally for the RIDE CYCLE CLUB instructor training program every SUN / TUES / THURS @ 9 A.M. PST.

2. Eat a Healthy Snack

When working from home, it's easy to have your day thrown off by a headache or slump in productivity. One of the best things you can do to #MaintainYourGlory is to spread out your meals - instead of just 3 large meals, a transition to smaller meals and increased snacking throughout the day.

But those snacks should still be healthy! Luckily, we've got lots of options to help you get there:

Ready-To-Blend smoothies: Nutritious and convenient! As the name would suggest these smoothies come conveniently pre-packaged and can be made in a matter of minutes!

Seed Balls: Filled antioxidant berries and raw seeds. These bite-sized snacks are perfect to munch-on when working at your desk.

Soups: Packed with healthy and organic ingredients. These soups are a meal, or snack, in a bottle!

Black Bean Brownie: Sweet tooth but want to stay healthy? The Black beans in the brownie give it a fantastic texture and nutrient boost over flour-based versions. 

3. Get Active

Being active during isolation doesn’t have to mean becoming a jogger or doing huge workouts. You can #MaintainYourGlory and make a difference in your wellbeing just by taking 5 minutes out of your day to get moving. Aaron, founder of Movr, explains why:

“All our bodies are unique in how they move and feel, doing specific made-for-you movements can dramatically improve both feel and function in as little as 5 minutes. The trick? You’ve got to assess yourself to find what you truly need. Some days you may need to work up a quick sweat, others, release tension in your neck. Go with what feels right!”

Need a little help getting going? Movr is a Vancouver-made healthy movement app that optimizes how your body moves and feels, including pre-made and custom 5-minute workouts.

4. Social-ish Activities 

Trying to find ways to be social, but don't want to come in contact with anyone? #MaintainYourGlory by doing an activity with loved ones...virtually! Here are some of our ideas: 

Online Exercise Class: Facilities like yoga and spin class studios were a place for fitness and socialization and have been particularly impacted by the pandemic, however, you can still be with friends and get that fitness fix by attending an online class or an Instagram Live session. 

Virtual bake/cook-off: This is a great time to progress your kitchen skills and who better to do it with than friends and family! Simply pick a recipe, have everyone make it and see how each other's turn out.

Virtual games: There are many ways to virtually connect and catch up with friends and family, like Zoom or FaceTime. Have a little fun with it and play games like trivia or charades all over video chat! 

Strava Challenge: The Strava app has many challenges both for running and cycling. Have some friendly competition by picking a challenge and see who is the most active out of your friend group.

Juice Cleanse: Now is a great time to start a juice cleanse and why not do one with your friends? Head to our cleanse page, pick a cleanse, start on the same day and compare results!

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