Apr 29, 2020Glory Community

Places like yoga studios and gyms have been particularly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. With many closing their doors and establishing themselves online,  they have forced many who rely on the facilities for physical exercise to alter their routine. 

For our latest #FINDYOURGLORY feature, we caught up with Yaletown store manager, Karina. When not working at Glory, she can be found teaching and taking spin classes, however, like most she has been forced to change up her fitness routine.

"Thankfully, I was able to rent a spin bike so I can keep training from home. I’ve also been taking advantage of all the online classes available – The Class at TurF is my favourite!" she said.

Karina is getting back to basics when it comes to exercising by minimizing equipment and getting outside.

"I find fresh air is so good for my mental health and I’ve been biking, running and swimming in the ocean, now that it’s getting warmer outside."

How has your exercise routine been impacted?

This Friday morning we will be holding a Q&A on our Instagram story asking the simple question: How has your fitness routine been impacted and what have you been doing differently? 

Everyone who responds will have a chance to win a Pura beauty products prize pack!


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