Incorporate Juicing To Boost Your Plant-Based Diet

Incorporate Juicing To Boost Your Plant-Based Diet

Sep 19, 2022Glory Community

Written by Sam Bowman 

More people are choosing to live a plant-based diet than ever before. According to data collected by the Good Food Group, sales of plant-based foods grew three times faster than total foods sales. That same report also found that the plant-based food industry grew 7.4% from 2020 to 2021.  

It’s a good time to choose to go plant-based. There are plenty of products on the market that can help you skip animal products and support the environment, animal welfare, or your own health.  

However, if you’ve been plant-based for some time, then you’ll know it can be difficult to get all the nutrients you need from plants alone — that’s where juicing may be able to help you.  

Benefits of Juicing 

Juicing your favorite fruits and veggies is a quick and convenient way to boost your plant-based diet. This can be particularly helpful if you don’t love salads but still want to go vegan. Juicing every day is an easy way to get more plants in your diet as a handful of greens go completely undetected in a tasty juice or smoothie.   

Juicing can also help you get all the nutrients you need to lead a happy, healthy life. For example, spinach, citruses, carrots, or sweet potatoes all contain juice that can support your nutrition and improve your vision by protecting against macular degeneration. Many juices are also naturally rich in vitamins C, D, and E which may be hard to get without juicing your fruits and vegetables.  

Incorporating Juicing 

Incorporating juicing into your life is straightforward. You can choose to juice your own produce, or you can opt for pre-made juices like those which contain carrot, pineapple, orange, lemon, and turmeric.  

If you choose to juice on your own, try to blend and consume your creation within a shortened time frame. When you craft and store your own juices, there’s a chance they’ll start to go “off” quickly even when refrigerated.  

You can drink and store premade cold-press juices whenever you like. This added convenience means that you can keep a tasty juice in your fridge and drink it at a time that suits you. If you get a sudden hankering for something sweet, a fruit-based juice may be just what you need. If you’re starting to feel a little unwell, a juice with ginger may help settle your stomach.  

Best Juices for You 

The juice you choose depends largely on your needs and lifestyle. If you’re particularly active, you may choose a juice with functional benefits like beet juice. If you’re more interested in juices that taste great, you may want to opt for juices that taste crisp and fresh like kale and spinach-based juices.  

If you’re going plant-based to support the environment, you should choose juices that are in season. Eating or drinking in-season produce is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint as less energy is needed to store and process seasonal fruit and vegetables.  

If you’re new to juicing, it’s worth experimenting and finding a flavor that suits your palate. You’ll be surprised by how tasty a green juice of kale, lemon, and cucumber can be when it’s balanced and juiced correctly. Try not to limit yourself based on foods you don’t usually like, as many fruits and vegetables taste different when they’ve been juiced.  


Incorporating juicing into your lifestyle is a great way to boost your plant-based diet and get all the nutrients you need. Nutritiously dense juices can help you avoid illness and promote recovery if you lead an active lifestyle. You can juice at home or buy cold-pressed juice. Just be sure to choose a juice that suits you and your palate.  

Sam Bowman writes about people, health, wellness, and how they merge. He enjoys getting to utilize the internet for community without actually having to leave his house. In his spare time he likes running, reading, and combining the two in a run to his local bookstore. 

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