How To Boost Your Energy Without Coffee Or Sugar

How To Boost Your Energy Without Coffee Or Sugar

Jan 26, 2017Glory Community

Artificial stimulants be gone. Here are 3 natural ways to boost your energy without coffee or sugar!

1. Matcha

Matcha (a powdered form of green tea) will give you the energy boost you need, but with less caffeine than coffee. Matcha contains a unique combination of caffeine and amino acid L-theanine, which together create an energy boost without the jitters or the sudden crash. The gradual and consistent release of energy from Matcha will leave you feeling energetic and focused all day long. Matcha powder can be used to make a hot tea or latte, added to smoothies, sprinkled on top of yoghurt or oatmeal or baked into muffins.

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2. Peppermint 

Peppermint has been found to be a useful stimulant for energy, both mentally and physically, as it stimulates the area of the brain responsible for arousal. It helps to provide relief from mental exhaustion and fatigue due to its refreshing nature, clears the mind, and increases focus on cognitive tasks. Peppermint is also a useful aid for treating headaches and can help those having trouble concentrating or struggling with mental fogginess. Try drinking peppermint tea in the afternoon instead of coffee for energy, or add a couple of drops of food grade peppermint oil to your water bottle. You can also apply peppermint oil to the back of your neck and shoulders regularly throughout the day to keep your energy levels up. 

3. Cacao

Raw cacao contains theobromine- a mild natural stimulant that increases heart function and blood flow with about one quarter the stimulating power of caffeine. Theobromine is a cardiovascular stimulant (as opposed to caffeine which is a nervous system stimulant), thus dilating the cardiovascular system making the heart’s job easier and giving you a natural high without the crash! Raw cacao comes in powdered form or in a slightly less processed form as cacao nibs. Both are great to add to smoothies, use in baking or to make a hot chocolate. 

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