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Functional Mushrooms: Powerful Earth Medicine

Mar 17, 2022Glory Community

Oasis Adaptogens is a Vancouver-based wellness company that specializes in formulating adaptogen and functional mushroom supplements to support the body and mind to adapt to stress and return to balance. Today, they're sharing their knowledge about functional mushrooms and how to experience the benefits in your day to day life. During March you can try the Oasis Not Coffee adaptogen blend at any of our Glory Juice Cafes in our Chocolate "Not Coffee" smoothie feature!

Chocolate Not Coffee Smoothie

As we find ourselves in the midst of a psychedelic boom, it seems as if mushrooms and their many benefits have been rising to the forefront of our world. Every day more people are experiencing the profound effects that incorporating mushrooms into their lives can create, and with that, the popularity of natural medicine is rising. Despite all of this, psychedelic mushrooms are still illegal in most places and the experiences they provoke are definitely not for everyone. That’s why we here at Oasis Adaptogens have been working to formulate products that not only support the body, but our mind as well, using functional mushrooms and adaptogens.

Oasis Not Coffee

What Are Functional Mushrooms?

Functional mushrooms, although often forgotten about, are some of the earth’s most potent medicines. To start, functional mushrooms do not get you high in the slightest, so incorporating them into your daily life is as seamless as taking a new multivitamin. Whether they are supporting your immune system through the turkey tail mushroom, or are contributing to the overall health of your brain through the lion’s mane mushroom, it is becoming clear through both scientific and anecdotal research that these work! As there are so many different species with vastly different benefits, there isn’t one mushroom to rule them all, rather they work together as a whole to support your wellness.

Why Does Our World Need Functional Mushrooms And Adaptogens?

Stress has been a common theme that is rapidly impacting us across the globe. It is for this reason that adaptogens and functional mushrooms are needed now more than ever. Adaptogens work to raise your body's threshold for stress, allowing your body to process common stressors like cell phones, stimulants and even your thoughts, supporting you to feel balanced. Essentially, they are helping us to acclimate to a faster pace of living where stressors are inevitable. Often there are new advancements in technology that are making us more “productive” while also increasing daily stimulation, stressing us out even more. Adding caffeine into the mix in order to “boost” our energy and productivity is not helping, adding further stimulation. Functional mushrooms support our body, immune system, and stress response with resources that cultivate a clean, sustained, and natural source of health. While stimulants like caffeine can cause unwanted stress to our bodies, adaptogens & mushrooms can provide smooth energy to support us throughout our days, with no compromise (jitters, anxiety, stomach aches, poor sleep, dehydration).

Turkey Tail Mushrooms

The Truth About The Mushroom Industry

When choosing a functional mushroom product, it can be hard to know what to look for. Understanding the inequalities between products can be the difference between it having an effect on you, or doing nothing at all. In the functional mushroom world, there are two main ways in which mushrooms are sold. One way is by using the mycelium (the mushroom’s “roots”), and substrate (the grain, rice, oats, or starches it is grown in), on which as a whole, has very little nutritional value in comparison to another way which utilizes the fruiting body part of the mushroom. Think about it like this: would you rather eat the roots and dirt from an apple tree, or an apple? The apple is where the majority of the nutrients are. It is unfortunate to see that the majority of the market is using mycelium on grain mushrooms and deceiving their customers, but that was one of the main catalysts for starting our own mushroom company. Not only does Oasis Adaptogens use fruiting body mushrooms only, but concentrated ingredients that allow us to formulate for potency and effect while creating great tasting and functional products.

Pro-tip: when looking for great mushroom products, check the percentages of beta glucans & polysaccharides.

The Next Steps For Our World

Oasis’s vision is to help the world remember harmony through natural solutions. Whether that is through our products, or the practices we encourage such as breathwork, meditation, exercise, etc. We believe that through finding internal harmony, we are supporting humanity to become a more loving and connected society. Learning how to adapt to the advancement of our modern world isn’t easy, but we have the tools necessary for this journey. We believe functional mushrooms and adaptogens were given to us to help us through this process. The question is, will you use them to adapt?

Mush love, Oasis Team 🍄

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