Fuel Your Body: Our Hiking Nutrition Guide

Fuel Your Body: Our Hiking Nutrition Guide

Jun 15, 2018Glory Community

Hiking nutrition may not be the first thing you consider when planning your hike, but it should be! Hiking demands a lot on your muscles, so it’s important to be fuelling your body with nutritious, energy boosting foods. Today we share our top pre, during and post-hike nutrition tips.


1-2 hours before your hike it’s important to eat a meal that’s high in carbs with a little protein (try 75% carbs and 25% protein). This combination will provide you with enough energy, stamina and strength for the hike ahead. Try a protein packed smoothie made with almond milk and banana, a bowl of oatmeal with added seeds and nuts or eggs on toast. Cacao, Matcha and E3 Live are also extremely energising superfoods that can easily be added to any smoothie for an extra boost.

Our Glory pre-hike recommendations: Chocolate Nutter smoothie, Matcha smoothie bowl, Acai bowl, Avocado toast, Breakfast toast, E3 live shot.


The most important thing to do during your hike is to stay well hydrated! Water is cellular fuel and will help your body utilise oxygen to stay alert and energised, and repair micro-tears in your muscles caused by strenuous exercise. If you find your energy levels dropping during the hike or for longer hikes, it’s important to refuel halfway. Keep your blood sugar levels up by snacking on high energy and easy to digest foods such as dried fruit, granola, banana, grapes, apple slices, figs and dates.

Our Glory hiking recommendations: Glory Granola, Mint Chlorophyll, Switchel. 


Post hike it’s best to refuel with a balanced meal of carbs and protein. This will help to repair muscles, replenish the body’s glycogen stores and prevent muscle soreness. Try a green salad with plant based or animal based protein, a protein smoothie, or veggies & legumes with quinoa or brown rice.

Our Glory post-hike recommendations: Nutty Green Smoothie, Blueberry Maca Smoothie, Cauliflower + Chickpea Bowl.

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