Juice #12 : Celery Apple Lemon Ginger Cilantro

Product Features

Certified OrganicVegan ProductCold-Pressed Juice2-3lbs of produce

What it tastes like: Sweet + salty with a hint of spice from the ginger. This 75% green juice is hydrating + refreshing

What it's good for: Those looking for a less sweet green juice than #3 and #14. Offers an alternative to kale-based green juice with celery + cilantro. Great as a pre | post workout beverage, celery has the right amount of organic salts to hydrate effectively as it replenishes electrolytes. The #12 acts as an internal cleanser and detoxifier.

What's in it: Celery, apple, lemon, ginger, cilantro

Raw, organic, no added water, sugar or preservatives.  2-week shelf life guaranteed.


Lemon - rich source of vitamin C

Ginger - anti-inflammatory, digestive aid

Cilantro - rich in antioxidants & promotes heart health

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