Drink Your Greens This Winter

Drink Your Greens This Winter

Dec 10, 2018Glory Community

A couple weeks ago we dove into the benefits of eating seasonally, and lucky enough for your body - green dominates in the colder months! However, while cruciferi love the winter, we don’t always return the favour. Tis’ the season for indulgence, and kale salads don’t always make the cut!

We’re here to make the case that you should try to get as many greens in as possible! Your body and mind need em’ to thrive - and it’s important to prioritize both physical and mental health in the midst of holiday-related stress.

Don’t worry, we’ll make it easy for you! Here’s a profile of some of our green blends, what they taste like + what they're great for. Always raw, organic, unpasteurized with no added water, sugar or preservatives!

#1 - Kale Celery Cucumber Parsley Lemon Ginger

What it tastes like: As our “greenest” juice, the #1 is 95% veg with a little lemon! Though maybe a little intimidating to first-time juicers, most people grow to love how clean and refreshing this blend tastes - like drinking a garden!

What it's good for: This powerhouse boasts 3lbs of fresh, organic produce into every bottle. High in chlorophyll naturally occurring in green-hued plants, the #1 is good for alkalizing the body, boosting the immune system + cleansing the blood and liver. Holiday hangover cure, anyone?!

#2 - Apple Kale Celery Cucumber Lemon

What it tastes like: Okay, so you’re not super keen on “drinking a garden.” The #2 is a ginger-free option that incorporates a bit of fruit to balance out the earthy flavour of the greens. A better bet for picky-drinkers, fresh-pressed apple makes this blend a subtly sweet treat.

What it's good for: Also high in chlorophyll, the #2 is good for alkalizing the body and contains vitamins + minerals which promote detoxification. The natural sugars from the apple will energize while helping keep blood sugar spikes at bay.

#3 - Apple Lemon Kale Cucumber Celery Ginger

What it tastes like: As our most popular juice, the #3 is our take on a green lemonade - a smooth base of apple and greens uplifted with tart lemons and a gentle kick of ginger.

What it's good for: Though the fruit-to-veg ratio is a little higher, this blend pleases most palettes without sacrificing nutrients. Great for a quick energy boost on the go, after a tough workout, or to tide you over between meals.

#12 Celery Apple Lemon Ginger Cilantro

What it tastes like: A sports drink without all the artificial sugars and colours, this celery-based juice is slightly sweet, super refreshing, and has a bit of a kick! Trust us, you won’t go back to Gatorade.

What it's good for: Hydrate naturally, restore electrolytes and detoxify with natural mineral salts occurring in organic celery. Lemon provides immune boosting vitamin C while Cilantro offers Vitamin K and is said to support heavy metal detoxification.

#14 Pear Cucumber Fennel Pineapple Lettuce Spinach Mint Lime

What it tastes like: While the rest of our green juices feature apple - pear and pineapple take center stage in this smooth blend! Balanced + enhanced with the addition of mint, the #14 is great for anyone who want something super unique.

What it's good for: The #14 provides a source of protein + iron from the spinach. Fennel + mint are both digestive aids, and can help to settle an upset stomach. Pineapple helps metabolize protein + stimulates digestion.

Not feeling juice? That’s cool too. Ask us to add a shot of Spirulina or  EPIC Green Kingdom Protein to your next smoothie for a boost of chlorophyll.  

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