Seasonal Eating: Why it Matters

Seasonal Eating: Why it Matters

Oct 15, 2018Glory Community

With most supermarkets stocked year-round with produce imported from around the globe, it’s easy to lose touch with benefits of eating seasonal fruits and veggies. In addition to potentially reducing our carbon footprint through decreasing the distance from farms to table, opting for seasonal picks is a great way to support local farmers and reap even more nutritional benefits from your produce.

While it’s sad to say goodbye to seasonal Summer gems such as watermelon and berries, the Fall lineup does not disappoint! Here’s a few of our favourites:


Nothing screams ‘Fall’ more than Squash! Rich in beta-carotene, winter squash varieties can help prevent vitamin A deficiencies, promote healthy eyesight and boost retinol production. Enjoy in Glory’s Squash and Ginger Soup, by itself or in the Warm and Hearty.


While it’s common knowledge that these fruits flourish in Fall, definitely don’t miss your chance to enjoy them at their prime. Serve them up raw with a side of Glory Nut Butter for the perfect afternoon snack, or cook them with oatmeal for a hearty breakfast. There’s really no going wrong with these sweet, antioxidant-filled beauties! Apple fans will go crazy for our #3, #5 and Seasonal #25 Cold-pressed juices.


It’s our cruciferous friends’ time to shine this season! Alongside an impressive nutrient profile rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants - cabbage is chock-full of a potentially cancer-fighting compound known as glucosinolate (which is also responsible for its distinct flavour). As a fiber-rich prebiotic food, this crunchy vegetable fuels healthy gut bacteria essential to maintaining healthy digestion and immune systems. Find it raw in our Slaw Salad, or fermented in the Gut Shot.

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