Shake Up Your Favourite Glory Soup!

Shake Up Your Favourite Glory Soup!

Nov 26, 2018Glory Community

You’re probably familiar with our rotating lineup of organic soups by now: the subtly spicy Yam Chipotle, hearty Squash Ginger, and creamy Cauliflower Cashew. While amazing by themselves (or in the Warm and Hearty!) here are a couple super simple ways to dress them up at home - perfect use of our to-go 16oz bottles! They say variety is the spice of life, right? All you need is a stove top and a couple extra ingredients.

(Thai) Cauliflower Cashew

add in - chili garlic sauce, rice noodles + lime
top with - thai basil

(Southwest) Yam Chipotle

add in - black beans, corn + diced roasted tomatoes
top with - cilantro + avocado

Squash Ginger (Curry)

add in - curry powder, coconut milk + chickpeas (or lentils)
top with - cilantro + lime

*thin with vegetable stock / water as needed!

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