Plant-Based Air Fryer Recipe Ideas

Plant-Based Air Fryer Recipe Ideas

Feb 12, 2021Glory Community

Air fryers bring the taste and crunch of traditional fried foods without the unhealthy oil. These trending kitchen gadgets mimic the results of a deep fryer by wrapping rapid, hot air around the food to replicate that familiar crispiness, using little to no oil. 

Whether you want to up your snack game or you're looking to make an easy, healthy meal, check out this round up of plant-based recipes, all made using an air fryer! 

Don't have an actual air fryer? No problem. Most recipes can be made in a regular oven too. 


Smoky Chickpeas

These are the perfect everyday snack. Indulge in these while watching a movie or for a crunchy but healthy bite while at work. Plus, they're quick, easy, and protein-packed! 

Kale Chips

Step aside potato chips, kale chips are here to make a healthy and delicious alternative. If you've ever tried to bake these and wound up with a bowl of floppy, chewy greens, here's your sign to give it another try. You won't be disappointed.

Buffalo Cauliflower 

A great plant-based substitute for buffalo chicken wings and perfect for weekend nibbles! Get the same warm, crunchy spice in an instant with the air fryer. 

Healthy Onion Rings

A fried classic turned healthy. Get the same crispiness from just six ingredients and zero oil!


Portobello Mushroom Pizza

Want pizza but not the gluten that comes along with it? These plant-based, mini mushroom pizza pies are a meal that will make you feel happy and healthy!

“Buttermilk” Battered Tofu

Southern-fried chicken sandwiches have been popping off in the past year. Now there is a plant-based alternative that you can indulge in, guilt-free!

Eggplant “Chicken Parm”

A plant-based alternative to the Italian classic chicken parmesan. Serve over your favourite pasta or get even healthier with a bed of quinoa. 

Potato and Tofu Scramble

Why not fire up the air fryer for breakfast? Cook each ingredient separately to make this dish come out perfectly! 


Toasted Coconut French Toast

No need to go out for brunch when you have an air fryer! This breakfast staple gets a makeover with coconut and a crunch. 

Small Batch Brownies

Make this delectable plant-based treat in a flash. Made with no oil, these brownies are delicious and guilt-free!

Baked Apples with Walnuts & Raisins

A simple dessert prepared perfectly in an air fryer with a hint of cinnamon and topped with walnuts and raisins. 

Hungry yet? 

Which one of these mouth-watering air fryer recipes are you going to make first? Tag your plant-based air fryer creation at @gloryjuiceco on Instagram to be featured!

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