Living Gloriously with Michelle K, Personal Trainer + Creator of The A.S.S Class.

Living Gloriously with Michelle K, Personal Trainer + Creator of The A.S.S Class.

Nov 13, 2018Glory Community

Michelle (aka Booty By Mich) is a personal trainer of the creator of the famous A.S.S class. If you can't make it to one of her Vancouver-based classes, try out her short & sweet at home workouts, which she posts on her Instagram page daily! 

Morning Routine: 

Alarm goes off, I take 5 big inhale and exhales before getting out of bed- get dressed- get coffee at Milano's, get in my car to drive to client with all the windows down to help wake me up while sipping on coffee (get that sweet fresh air) while singing in the car!  

For Breakfast:

I vary between...

Option 1 ) ~1/2 cup eggs white + 1 egg omelette, a handful of spinach, broccoli (or leftover veggies from the night before) sauce!

Option 2) grapefruit + plain egg white omelette 

For My Mental Health:

Movement. For me to move is to FEEL ALIVE. To feel alignment, connection, strength, empowerment. I need this for my mind. When I move (running yoga, stretch, HIIT, CrossFit, spin...) in that moment or during that time I am beautifully selfish... and nothing else matters  :)

Fave Workout:

THE A.S.S CLASS!! I have yet to experience anything like it. That feeling of strength (both mentally and physically), connection, that burn and chiselling of your core and booty using your own bodyweight,  bands, gliders, and light weights- SO SO SO GOOD!

Daily Healthy Habit:

1) A LOT of water! 

2) Eat breakfast within the hour of waking up.

3) Give yourself a compliment.

Current Reading List:

Just finished reading The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton, she is one of my favourite authors! Highly recommend read one of her books. 

Go-To Dinner Recipe:

To start- a bowl of edamame (I love something salty in the evenings}...then broiled salmon (450 degrees for ~6-7 min with coconut / olive oil, onions, onion powder, sea salt, paprika, tons of steamed veggies (broccoli, carrots) place veggies in big pan with water on stove, bring water to boil, add veggies, add cover and wait 10 -12 min!)  quinoa, topped with hot sauce or mustard!  

Bedtime Ritual:

Recently I have been lighting Palo Santo wood from Wootlot, taking 5 deep breaths to let go of the day and just TURN OFF and RELAX! Then reading a book or watching Netflix is my way to fall asleep :) 

Connect with Mich via...


instagram: @bootybymich

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