5 Ways to Connect Virtually with Loved Ones This Christmas

5 Ways to Connect Virtually with Loved Ones This Christmas

Dec 21, 2020Flywheel Digital

As much as we'd love to come together with family and friends in person this holiday season, by order of the Provincial Health Officer, things will be different from what we're used to.

Although, that doesn't mean we can't still find the connection that the holidays are all about. While we may not be able to enjoy all of our familiar traditions, we can still connect virtually 

To help you and your loved ones come together - no matter how far apart you must be - we've come up with a list of holiday-themed activities. All of these virtual holiday get-together ideas can be held over free video conferencing platforms like Zoom, FaceTime or Google Meet

Try out one of these free, simple ways to have fun and feel close to those you love this holiday, no matter where you all will be:

1. Virtual Secret Santa

A classic Christmas game turned virtual. Organize who will be playing and then secretly pick names. To make it easy, use a secret santa generator tool. 

Once all names have been picked, players can then purchase gifts and - if all participants are local - safely drop them off on the recipient's doorstep. If your loved ones don't live close by, or if  a drop off is outside your comfort zone, you can purchase a gift from a local business and have it sent to their address. 

Everyone then meets up virtually and you all unwrap the gifts together!

2. Virtual Cocktail-Making Party

The holidays are a time to indulge in a variety of food and drinks and who better to do that with than your loved ones. When you can't do it in person, make and enjoy your favourite festive snacks and beverages virtually!

Simply schedule a time to start, decide what food and drink to prepare, then log on for your holiday mixer. If you want to make same drinks together, confirm the ingredients beforehand and make sure your bar is stocked for the big day.

Want to keep the drinks healthy? Check out these cocktail recipes using our most popular juices!

3. Virtual Games

Playing games with family is a holiday staple and even though we have to physically distance this holiday season they can still be played virtually.

There are so many online games to choose from. A popular one for this year has been the mobile game Among Us, in which the objective is to try and complete various tasks without being eliminated by other players - like a futuristic murder mystery!

Have some family members that aren't tech-savvy? You can go more oldschool with games like:

Holiday Get-To-Know-You Bingo

This is great to get to know eachother better. Fill out a 5x5 grid with facts for all of the players or use this pre-made bingo board. Take turns asking questions about one another and fill in the space when they learn information from a family member that applies to the bingo board.

Tradition or Not a Tradition?

To play, each team member will share a quirky holiday tradition. The other players must guess if the tradition is real or fake. You can either come up with your own or check out these examples

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Organize a list of items to find around the house and on the web. Tasks can also include facts about a teammate or something they have to act out. Check out these scavenger hunt ideas

4. Form a Cleanse Club

Overcoming challenges together can help you build stronger bonds. Since the holidays are notorious for overindulgence, which can lead to inflammation and bloating, why not organize a group to commit to a New Year's cleanse? Plan to check in daily for support and camaraderie. Take the opportunity to chat about the results, how you're feeling, and get to know eachother even better.  

Browse our collection of cleanses available in 1-, 3-, 5- and 7-day packages.

5. Virtual Boxing Day Deal Shopping

If you get a thrill from shopping deals, there's no need to miss out this year. You may not be able to go to your favourite local business to capitalize on Boxing Day savings. But, you can still virtually meet up with friends and family for an online shopping trip! 

Set your alarm early and log on Boxing Day morning with your shopping pals. Divide and conquer to scope out the best deals online and and let everyone know when you find a killer sale. You can even screenshare to get their opinions on the products you're looking at. 

If you want to go the extra mile and have an online store that you love, you can even pre-load your carts before Boxing Day so you can spend less time looking and more time saving.

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How are you spending the holidays this year?

This holiday season looks a little different from what we're used to. With a little creativity, we can make the most of it and still have a ton of fun together. Try out these ideas to feel close to your loved ones over any amount of physical distance. 

We would love to hear about the safe and unique ways you're interacting with loved ones this holiday season. To share how you're connecting virtually this holiday season, tag us on Instagram!  



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