How to (Actually) Work Out At Home

How to (Actually) Work Out At Home

Nov 26, 2018Glory Community

Conjuring up the motivation to workout at home is hard, but it’s got a host of undeniable benefits - it’s cheap, convenient, and takes little to no planning! All you need is some free time, floor space and willpower.

That being said, it’s hard to get into the “workout” mindset enough not to bail after the reps get boring (which doesn’t take much time, if we’re being honest!). Unlike at the gym or during fitness classes, there’s little external accountability to keep with it when things get tough. Here’s a few ways to amp-up your home workout game, just in time for the busy holiday season!

Perfect your set-up. Put on your favourite work out gear, roll out a mat, and get to work. Dedicating a space in your place where it’s easier to get in the fitness mindset will help make it easier to follow-through with routines!

Make a playlist. Music is key to a great workout, in and out of the gym or studio. Finding what tunes motivate you can make or break your at-home workout, so take some time curating a playlist that pumps you up, or follow someone else’s! Many fitness gurus and athletes make their go-to workout music public, so check out Spotify for some inspiration. 

Find a purpose. Repeating a bunch of monotonous moves can be really uninspiring - leading us to throw in the towel before really being able to break a sweat. A great way to put more inspiration and drive into at-home workouts is to tailor them to activities you love, or would love to try! Youtube is a great resource to finding routines based off your favourite surfer, skier, or yogi’s training regimes. By re-focusing on building athletic ability and competencies over just “toning” or “burning calories,” it’s a lot easier to commit and have fun.

Invest in some simple gear. Whether it be resistance bands, a kettle ball, or yoga blocks - a couple props may help you elevate your living room workout to gym-worthy - adding extra resistance to traditional body weight exercises.

Multi-task. Hey, if we’re gonna watch Netflix anyways - might as well make the time count! Check out these exercises you can do while watching TV.

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