Glory St. Patrick's Day Photo Scavenger Hunt

Mar 16, 2021Glory Community

Do you think you know Vancouver well enough to find 6 popular land marks in the city's famous waterfront? The #GloryPhotoScavengerHunt has now started and runs all week long!

Your only hints are the photos below, so think hard! Once you've found a location, take a picture and post it to your Instagram story tagging @gloryjuiceco and using #GloryPhotoScavengerHunt.

Looking for a refuel? Stop by our Coal Harbour location to grab a pick-me up before, during, or after the challenge!

1. Pixelated Mammal

2. A Walk at the Water's Edge

3. Water Under the Bridge

4. Greens on the Roof 

5. The Drop

6. Vapor Time Piece

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