Christmas Morning Companions

Christmas Morning Companions

Tis’ the season to eat, drink and be merry! Let us help you out with your Christmas morning - we’ve got the perfect juice / mylk / shot or refresher for no matter how you're feeling!

For those of us who. . .

Were a bit heavy-handed on the eggnog 

So you went a little too hard during the Christmas Eve celebrations, and no amount of holiday spirit is enough to pry you out of bed in the morning. Don’t fret! Our Magic Switchel isn’t called “magic” for nothing - chock-full of electrolytes, this all-natural “gatorade” will help you rehydrate while the Blue Majik algae gives a boost of energy and improves cognitive function. Bah humbug be gone!

Stayed up ALL NIGHT wrapping presents

So the elves had to work overtime - all good! To save yourself some yawns Christmas morning, our Almond Mylk-based Cold Brew is the perfect pick me up. Using all-natural JJ bean coffee, the gentle boost of caffeine paired with protein-packed, subtly sweet blend of almonds, dates & maple syrup will have you feeling revived in no time.

Feel a Christmas cold coming on

The weather outside is frightful, and your immune system’s not feeling so delightful. Getting sick is not the way you want to end the year on - and our Ginger Turmeric shot’s and Fire Water  here to help you out. A zingy mix of organic cold-pressed citrus juice, fresh organic turmeric juice, ginger juice, cayenne and black pepper - this little guy’s gonna help fight inflammation makes our bodies more susceptible to colds, as well as an immune-boosting dose of vitamin c! Shoot it straight or add to hot water for a comforting tonic by the tree.

Haven’t touched a vegetable in two weeks

We get it, kale salads don’t always make the cut during the holiday season. All good! Make up for the lack of greens with the nutrient-packed #1 juice. As our most veg-heavy blend, 3lbs of fresh, organic produce (kale, celery, cucumber, parsley, lemon & ginger) are packed into every bottle.  

Want to prepare the ol’ digestive system for a FEAST

Want a top tip for optimum digestion? Drink something sour 30 minutes before your meal! This stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes so you get more nutrients out of your food, and therefore more energy. It also makes your digestive process more efficient (and helps with acid reflux). The perfectly sweet & sour #5 juice is an pre-breakfast treat to sip on - hot or cold!