6 Healthy Gifts Your Sweetie Will Love

6 Healthy Gifts Your Sweetie Will Love

Feb 09, 2024Lin Ivey

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to express your love than through meaningful gifts that embrace well-being, while bringing boundless joy and relaxation.

We'll explore 6 curated gift ideas that are sure to make your sweetie's heart skip a beat! From natural candles, and nourishing bath salts to old school classic beverages with a twist and guilt-free chocolates, there's something for every taste and preference.

1. Soak in the Love with a Calming Bath Soak

If your sweetheart enjoys indulging in self-care, Midnight Paloma bath soaks are the perfect gift. These eco-friendly soaks are specially formulated to soothe the senses and nourish the skin, creating a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. Need we say more? Choose from a variety of enticing scents for your loved one to unwind and pamper themselves in!

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2. Candles to Set the Mood for Romance 

Valentine's Day is a chance to savor each precious moment. Therefore, a carefully chosen gift becomes the key to setting the stage for romance and crafting enduring memories. Meet: Kilig Candles – more than mere wax and wick, they serve as a gateway to a romantic haven within the comforting embrace of your own space. Be it a tranquil dinner, a luxurious bubble bath, or an intimate movie night, the gentle flicker can transform these occasions into enduring memories while maintaining a home environment that's both serene and non-toxic. Going beyond its wonderful (all natural) fragrance, Kilig's array of candles boasts zinc-free, non-toxic wicks that burn immaculately, guaranteeing that your romantic interludes remain untouched by harmful emissions.

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3. Sip on Something Pink and Nostalgic 

Indulge in an alcohol-free delight by gifting your loved one Culture Kombucha's delicious Cream Soda flavor. A true classic that evokes nostalgia ,that offers an extraordinary blend of creamy sweetness with a health-conscious twist. Harmonizing the probiotic goodness of kombucha with the familiar taste of cream soda, this effervescent beverage creates a delightful and fizzy treat. Ideal for raising a toast to your love! Culture Kombucha adds a touch of sophistication to any celebration, making it a yummy choice for commemorating special moments. Hot tip: try serving this in a wine glass topped with some flowers!

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4. Satisfy Sweet Cravings with Glow Chocolates 

No Valentine's Day is complete without a touch (or boat load) of sweetness. With Glow Chocolates, you can have it all! Hand-crafted with love and the finest organic ingredients, these chocolates are more than just a treat – they're an experience. Indulge your sweetheart's taste buds with rich and velvety chocolates that embody the essence of love, that are made with love, the best part – they’re refined sugar-free!

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5. Gift the Glow of Radiant Skin

Show your love by encouraging your honey to prioritize self-care with Truly's Brightening Vitamin C. This skincare gem is enriched with nourishing nutrients that guarantees a radiant complexion. The essence of this thoughtful gift lies in the genuine desire to witness your loved one's face glow with the natural radiance that emanates from dedicated self-care and lots of love!

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6. Limited Edition #25 Pomegranate Juice

Make a statement with our Limited Edition  #25 Pomegranate Juice. This exclusive, seasonal juice features a captivating blend of sweetness and tartness, brimming with health benefits. Choosing #25 can elevate your Valentine's Day toast, get creative by crafting a delicious mocktail or cocktail using #25 as the base, and cheers to your love while reaping all its wonderful benefits!

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