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Rasa | Calm
Rasa | Calm Rasa | Calm Rasa | Calm Rasa | Calm

With a generous 9800 mgs of adaptogens per serving, Rasa's replenishing chill tonic floods your system with ease & groundedness. Best enjoyed from afternoon to pre-bedtime, Calm’s clinical dose of the powerhouse herb Ashwagandha is balanced with Blue Lotus, Reishi, and Blue Vervain for deep relaxation. Rasa's Calm is perfect for coffee lovers on a cleanse.

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How to make it: 

Boil water. Add water & Rasa to french press (1 tbsp per 8 oz of water). Brew for 10-20 mins.

What it tastes like: 

Rich, smooth, creamy notes of date & vanilla. 

What it's good for: 

Ashwagandha (Sensoril), 250 mg - An adaptogen and calming nervine. Ashwagandha may both increase athletic performance and increase sleep efficiency.

Jujube extract, 500 mg - A traditional herb used to calm, reduce anxiety and help with occasional sleeplessness.

Reishi, 100 mg - Reishi is the most famous of all medicinal mushrooms and is also considered an adaptogen. Used to help the immune system, reduce stress, improve sleep, and lessen fatigue

Rehmannia, 400 mg - Prepared Rehmannia is considered a premiere yin tonic in Chinese medicine. Used to improve rest and calm the nervous system.

Blue Vervain, 100 mg - Modern herbalists use blue vervain as a relaxing nervine to loosen tension in the head and neck, and to quieten persistent thought patterns. 

What's in it: 

Roasted date seed, roasted organic chicory, organic fig, organic burdock, organic cacao, jujube extract, organic shatavari, cured rehmannia extract, organic codonopsis, he shou wu, organic vanilla bean, organic ashwagandha extract (sensoril), organic cinnamon, blue lotus petals, blue vervain extract, organic reishi extract, <1% maltodextrin


Rasa Coffee Alternative is organic, gluten-free, and vegan, and it has no sugar, sweeteners, or caffeine.