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Summer Juice Cleanse Workshops With Glory Juice Co!

Bring on the warmer weather and the beginnings of summer bodies!

To celebrate, we're running 2 more juice cleanse workshops to educate you on why juice cleansing might just be the thing your body needs to reset.

In each workshop we'll cover:

-The benefits of juice cleansing and why cleansing with organic juice is vital.

-How to incorporate fibre and whole foods into your juice cleanse, when and why you might want to.

-How to get the best out of your juice cleanse (best practices for pre and post cleanse).

-Supplements to help support you during your cleanse.

Plus you’ll receive a complimentary refresher, and get to taste our entire juice and mylk range as our nutrition experts talk about the benefits of each.

All attendees will have the chance to customise a cleanse suited to their goals and lifestyle, plus will be eligible to receive our special summer cleanse offer!

Ticket price is also redeemable on any cleanse ordered on the night.

Limited spots available. Secure your spot by grabbing your ticket via the links below.



Olympic Village - June 13th, 7-8pm. Register by clicking  HERE 

North Van - June 20th, 7-8pm. Register by clicking  HERE 

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