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How to Customize Your Juice Cleanse

Natalia, one of our nutrition experts at our Olympic Village location, recently completed a 3-day juice cleanse. She shares her top tips on how she customized her cleanse and why doing a juice cleanse just doesn’t mean you’re only allowed to drink juice.

After a little too much fun over the summer I decided it was the perfect time to give my body a bit of a break and try out Glory’s 3-day juice cleanse. I believe that the key to my success was the flexibility I allowed myself in customizing the juices and rituals for my specific health needs. We get a lot of customers coming in who want to try a juice cleanse but are often intimidated by the task of not eating solid foods for several days. While it seems daunting at first, once people learn that there are many ways to adapt a cleanse to suit their needs, they have a greater chance of feeling great while cleansing. Considerations like transition to cooler temperatures, preparation for flu season, individual taste preferences, and activity levels all warrant different variations and your ability to adapt will ensure that you optimize the benefits of cleansing.

How I customized my cleanse:

  • Added turmeric shots to my morning
    • Turmeric ginger shots jumpstart the metabolism for the day, boost immune system function, are high in vitamin C and possess anti-inflammatory properties. This made me feel refreshed, energized, and ready for my day.
  • Added matcha powder to my almond mylk and drank it in the morning
    • As someone who is accustomed to a higher caloric intake in the morning, it was important for me to feel satiated and start my day with a protein boost. I also found matcha to be the perfect way to veer away from coffee and stick to a comforting morning ritual of a warm beverage rich in flavour.
  • Added a cup of soup in the evening if I felt hungry or cold
    • In the evening, I would be craving something savoury and warming as we transition into shorter and cooler fall days. I found the perfect way to settle in for the night with some homemade, nutrient-dense soups. I primarily stuck to Glory’s cashew cauliflower turmeric as it was comforting, creamy, and satisfying. For a little flavour diversity I ventured to try the sweet potato chipotle lime. If you do introduce an evening soup, avoid derailing your cleanse and optimize the health benefits by choosing soup that is whole-food based, unpasteurized, and free from additives and preservatives. The nutrients in canned soups are no longer intact and may have adverse effects during your cleansing period.


Natalia studied Nutritional Sciences and Food at the University of British Columbia.

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